Wednesday, August 31, 2005


August to October are very busy for many jobs.
One of the beginnings of them was completed today.
This work was the work which draws the original of animation and makes a pilot film.

next my job is the executive committee of an art award.
I need to prepare many!!
However, it is also my pleasure simultaneously.
A great work collects from all over the world, and the best work is commended out of it.
Of course, I also participate in this award.
Today is the deadline.
I finished drawing my own work yesterday.

A left illustration is my work for Award.

Monday, August 29, 2005

DrawingDojo: Terrace

This illustration is one of the themes of DrawingDojo (8/27).
I use MacromediaFlashMX, when drawing an illustration on WEB.
This Flash is the software for making animation.
However, I use this software, also when drawing a still picture.
The line which I draw and which waved was originally drawn with the pen.
However, much graphics software was not able to satisfy me.
PAINTER is one of the software which I often use like Flash.
If PAINTER which can perform expression like natural drawing material is used combining Flash,
it will demonstrate capability more.
I have "How to Drawing by Flash and PAINTER" site.
Please see this link, when you want to try how to draw by PaintMonster.
PaintMonster Tips

Sunday, August 28, 2005

DrawingDojo: Seabreeze

This illustration is one of the themes of DrawingDojo (8/27).
Two photographs are updated to DrawingDojo on every Thursday.
A participant does drawing illustration of original interpretation from photograph.
It is carried out by already continuing for several years.
When you get interested, please participate always.
When you want to study an illustration after this, please tell me by DrawingDojo.
I will carry out some advice to you at DrawingDojo.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Illustration Friday: dreams

I like a travel.
However, I will oversea travel for about three weeks in January every year.
That is because much time and cost are needed.
But I am working in order to take this one travel.

If a private machine can be operated so that I may ride on a bicycle, it will travel more frequently.
It may be being able to see such scenery in the near future.

What kind of convenient machine do you want?
I like vehicles, Therefore, I considered the personal vehicle for moving.


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