Monday, January 29, 2007

Framed Mini Illustrations Now On Sale!!

Hi Folks,
Happy New Year!!! hahaha.
I had forgotten to do information on the new item!!
I began three kind of Framed Mini Illustration sales
at the end of the year of 2006.
Each illustration was printed by a limited amount.
There is already little stock.

Click for Enlarge

This calendar can be bought by the following link.
I am waiting your visiting!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sketch Crawl #12 1/2 in Sapporo

Hi Folks,
We did sketch crawl with Drawing Session 28th/January.

The New Year's party was done at night.

and these are my take....

Friday, January 19, 2007


This is my most latest illustration work for Giclee.
The size of this illustration is 32 inches.

Click for Enlarge!

and this is sketch for CaTaxi.

Click for Enlarge!

original idea...

Click for Enlarge!

Have a Fun :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

LA Trip : Day10- Venice Beach

I went to Santa Monica again.
I visited very lovely shop : Michaels !!
Painting materials sold in this shop are very cheap.
The price of painting materials of Japan might be too expensive!!

Lunch ate kebab with SantamonicaPlace.
It frequently eats the meat of the ram in Sapporo where I live.
However, I heard that the American hardly ate the meat of the ram.
and it was eaten only in the shop of the Indian restaurant or the Mongolian restaurant.

It went to Venice Beach in the evening.
There were a lot of people who sold the art of the picture etc. on the beach because it was Sunday today.
However, when we arrived, the preparation of closing the store was done because it was cold.
I will visit Los Angeles again in summer.
At that time, it can meet the artist to the work a lot.

and these are today's my take....

Okay Thank you for seeing my LA trip report!
I must back to Japan tomorrow.
Thank you very much for the many many kindness!!
I will back to Los Angeles (San Diego) in July!!
See you!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

LA Trip : Day09- Norton Simon Art Museum

I went to Norton Simon Art Museum today.
at first we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.


and we arrived at Norton Simon Art Museum.
It's very beautiful location!!

When returning to the hotel, I visited the Union station.

and these are my sketches of the today.

ahhhhh it's finalday tomorrow!!!!
See you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

LA Trip : Day08- Weekly Sketchbook Session

I went to Yoshinoya in the United States for the first time.
The style is a little different from Japan.
but tast is NICE!!!!

at Night, I went to Weekly Sketchbook Session.
About 20 members gathered!!!!

These are Gift Drawing for me!!
Thank you everybody!!

and these are my take!!

oh kay, I will goto Norton Simon tomorrow.
see you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

LA Trip : Day07- La Brea

I went to around the La Brea area.
We met friend's Ed at DickBlick.

and we went to THE PIG of menphis style BBQ Restaurant.
I orderd "menphis style pulled Pork Plate".
It's very yummmmy!!!
and super big!!!!
I couldn't complete to eat!

after eat, we went to Art Gallery 1988.
We are very happy! because Amanda Visell's solo exhibition is holding now!!
I love her arts very much!!!

and we went to Golden Apple. I bought 3 books :)

it's Coffee Break.
hahha, we are always sketching at the break.

And, I took the photograph in a lot of beautiful buildings and gardens!

in night time, we met few LA friends at El Compadre Restaurant.

Yes, Yammmmmmmy here! Thank you Paige!!
and thank you for coming Paul, Alina, Rajesh, Ed and Paige!

Oh Bad Photo! but they are smile now :)

and these are today's my sketches.

Oh kay see you tomorrow!


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