Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy holiday!

Hi Folks,
Happy Holiday!!!
I am wishing that your special night be the happiest moment this year!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Peace Christmas Exhibition 2008

Hi folks,
I participated in "Peace Christmas Exhibition 2008" that had been held in Sapporo.

This exhibition has aimed at "The illustrator sends the message of peace with the work". I made the groundwork like the snow on a square canvas. The cat drawn by the acrylic color has the tail of the umbrella like the Christmas tree.

This is the detail....

Monday, December 08, 2008

DIDO25 Fictional Advertising Poster Exhibition

Hi Folks, I'm alive!

DIDO (Doodler and Illustrator Discovery Organization) of My Organization hold nu exhibition today!
it's "DIDO25 Fictional Advertising Poster Exhibition"

illustration and design : Marina Abe.

the exhibit hall is ODORI ART MUSEUM of histricul place of Sapporo.

This is our exhibition area. I made the logo of DIDO and the character of the event title.

This exhibition has aimed to make the advertisement of fictitious that uses the
illustration drawn for myself.
I exhibited nine works.

These are ads poster of COFFEE SHOP "MODERN COFFEE". I made Series posters.
"This shop is a historicul and populer coffee Shop in Sapporo since 1968."

Left: Frame Shop "ADS board of Art Salon Masuzawa"
Right: Doggie Food shop "ADS panel of Pizza Dog" the Pizza for Doggies only!

Left: Hamburger shop "ADS poster of Hamburgirl" Low calory organic burger shop!
2nd Left: Stund Up Comedy "Stage information(schedule) poster of Magicul Hat"
2nd Right and Right: Magazine "LOVE TOY CAMERA of Magazaine ADS"

and this time, we got special guest art work from United State!

Denise Chavez (Deep sea Crunchies Cereal)

Bryan Ballinger (Jungleland Vacations / Night of the Pantelope / Udder Puffs)

Thank you very much both big friend!!!

Of course in addition, a lot of works of the DIDO member were exhibited.
here is more fotos of this exhibition...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Broken SK8 board Art

Hello Folks, How are you?
Sorry for longtime no update.
I'm OK. but still little busy everyday.

I made nu art with broken skate board.

a. Broken Sk8 board....

b. Original Sketches

c. Cleaning....
I used Paint Remover

And, this is a cleaned sk8 board.

d. Base (Primer) Paint
I used White Gesso

e. Mount parts of board

f. Frame
This sk8 board is not light like usual painting materials. Therefore, I made the base that was able to be mounted firmly.

g. and These are finished work fotos.
After all drawing had ended, the surface was clearly coated.

special mount adaptor was made, the side of the board can be seen.

This is the Broken Part of this board! hahaha
special mount adaptor was made, the side of the board can be seen.

and this is the closeup of board art

oops, I forgot the title of this art...
"The rabbit doesn't know eaten by someone. And, he is relaxing in easygoingness because he thinks that here is a herb bath."
hahaha toooo much long title!!

see ya!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Solo Exhibition [Results]

Hi folks, How are you?
Sorry for not update this blog long time.
My solo exhibition was done with very popular and huge sale!

every day so many people came to my solo exhibition.
and "prints" were almost sold out.

Digital Live Drawing was demonstrated twice a day.
many people enjoyed my Digital Live Drawing.

WAO4 of my sketchbook was sold in the talk show and the autograph session.
It was almost sold out.

It seems also to decide the schedule of the next exhibition by the success in this work exhibition. The exhibition in Tokyo seems to be held by this.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The works of Marty M. Ito

Hi there,
My solo exhibition will be hold in Sapporo/Japan.

[This is Color side of Direct Mail (PostCard)]

[here is text side of Direct Mail (PostCard)]

as for this time, I did over 40 new original paints. and over 50 prints.
It's super hard work for me. hahaha
but I am glad if you are enjoying my arts.

My work exhibition has been hold in the gallery that exists on the 9th floor
of this Sapporo Mitsukoshi.

Sapporo Mitsukoshi is a famous department store with the tradition.
It became a big step-up for me.

[The works of Marty M. Ito]
date: 9-15 September 2008
place: Sapporo Mitsukoshi 9F

And, I will perform a live drawing.
13(sat) and 14(sun) 12:00 and 15:00
Moreover, the autograph and the talk session will be hold!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Asakusa SketchCrawl

I visited to Asakusa of downtown Tokyo.
I like this town very much.

a)front of Shin-Nakamise Dori.

b)Toy Shop SAWADA.

c)Asakusa Nakamise Dori.

d)Obasan at Kaminari-Shokudo.

e)Oyako-Don(Chicken and Egg Bowl) at Kaminari-Shokudo.

f)Andon(street Light) at Dempoin-Dori.

g)Senbei-shop(Rice cracker shop) at Nakamise-Dori.

h)Kaminari-mon at Nakamise-Dori.

Monday, July 14, 2008


hi folks,

It's season for the WAO !!!
my sketchbook was published today!

I'll bring to San Diego Comic-con Internationl!
but I don't have own table. when you get interest in my stuff,
please find me!!

and you can check more detail at here...

or... this is my phone# of US

please call me!! (17/July - 8/August only!!)

and Would you able to meet me in Los Angeles or San Diego?
I am staying hollywood of Los Angeles on 17/July to 23/july or 27/july to 8/August.
and also I am staying San Diego on 23/July to 27/July.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snow Festival Official Poster!!!

Hi Folks,
It's super big news to me!
My sculpture works were adopted for the visual of the official poster of the snow


Art Director : Kusabiraki (Shinrinsha)
Designer : Akiyo Adachi (Shinrinsha)
Charctor Design : Marty M. Ito (PaintMonster ArtStudio)
Sculptures : Marty M. Ito (PaintMonster ArtStudio)
Patisserie : Yukie Nosaki (Nosaki-Ya)
Photographer : Eri Ishida (St. Pront)
Ad Agency : HKI Axis
Client : Executive Committee of Sapporo Snow Festival
Official Website of Sapporo Snow Featival
(This site is being prepared now. Probably, it will be updated this autumn. )

and these are idea drawings...
at first, I drew cute snowman.

these are idea drawing of girl.

these are idea drawing of boy.

this is test drawing of color image .

and here is final drawing of idea check.

these are finished work of my sculptures.
a) All Stars

b) Snowman

c) Girl

c) Boy

c) Sled

have afun:)


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