Thursday, June 29, 2006

My doodles of recently

Hi Folks, sorry for not activity on my blog!!
Yes, I am fine!
but I have many back order now. then I muct drawing every day.
It's not bad.

These are my doodles for Commercial Film Storyboards.
Have a fun:)

In addition,
you can watch some animations which I produced in the past.
Look from a website of my office.
However, a website of my office supports only Japanese.
Mammyz Factory

When you want to watch only an animation direct,
please look at my YouTube site.
YouTube PaintMonster

Saturday, June 10, 2006

#5th World Wide Drawing Session

It is an event to enjoy drawing, software, hardware,
art supplies or a talk of a hobby while drinking coffee.
It is a drawing session.

Sapporo Area Drawing Session was started 2PM to Closed 9PM today.
There are 12 doodlers come to neer the Sapporo Station.

This time, we made a one of drawing game...
I announce keyword and a participant associates it with the keyword and draws a character.

Half of a participant went to Izakaya after the DS.

And these are my doodles.

Sketching of other participants will be updated with this link soon.

Have a Fun!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

"Baton Twirler" making report -Day 3-

Hi Folks,
Let's make hair!!!

I paint a part of a head with lip balm.
By this work, poly putty does not stick to a part of a head.

Poly putty is piled over the head part.

This girl gathers up long hair behind.
Therefore, the form of putty was put in the form of hair.

Let's remove hair, if poly putty hardens.
It was able to detach easily.

Some adjustments were carried out. The rough form was made.
Can completion be imagined somehow?

It is "the work which smooths the surface
and makes the detail of dress" next time.
Have a fun.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Baton Twirler" making report -Day 2-

I made Body parts and body bone last time.
This time, I will make head part.

I preparated this PingPong(Table tennis) ball.
This ball is divided into four.
A few edge was cut, and when fixed with adhesives,
it became a form like football.


And I checked the balance of the size of a bodily part and the part of the head.


It seems that a size is good exactly.

Next program.... "let's make her hair part".


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