Monday, July 31, 2006

DoodleTrip Day13

Day 13: 31/July/2006 LAX to Sapporo Japan

My short American trip was over.
I got up in 6:30am and went to LAX Airport by a share van at 8:00am.
There are few people in a weekday airport.
When I came to LAX, for flight hours of 9 hours,
I need flight hours in 10hours and half because there is influence of a current of air when I return to Japan.
It is one hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo to Sapporo.
It took 13 hours from LAX to home!!

and these are MY COLLECTION of this tour!!

--Paige Pooler (Gift)

--John Loter (Exchange)

--Kevin Dart (Bought)

--Francesco Francavilla (Gift)

--Paul Davies (Gift)

--Alina Chau (Gift)

In addition, really many people gave a gift to me.
Thank you very much!!!

These books which I purchase or exchanged with my sketchbook.

and these are my sketches of the today

My report of an American trip is finished today.
I was able to enjoy a trip to the full by cooperation of many people really happily this time.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

DoodleTrip Day12

Day 12: 30/July/2006 LosAngeles - DrawingSession@LACMA

I went to LACMA for Mini DrawingSession today.
Four Doodler gathered.

I began with 12:00 and did drawing slowly until about 6:00.
Because I am comfortable, I like a session the outdoors.

These are my sketches of today.

I must go back to my own country tomorrow.
when I back to Japan, I must do diet!!

Friday of 28th was a birthday of Celeste.
(she is Paul Davies's wife)
I went in PEARL of art supplies shop.
I purchased materials to make a sculpture in this shop.

At first it is rough sketch.....

This is the Final design!!

I put a big wire and a thin wire together first and made a framework(bone).
And I stick ClayMagic on the surface and make it.

It was completed at 4:00 of morning.

She was pleased very much. YAY!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

DoodleTrip Day11

Day 11: 29/July/2006 LosAngeles - Santa Monica

There is some wind. today is very comfortable.
I ate lunch in Melrose.
And it was a birthday of Celeste yesterday.
Therefore we went to buy her birthday present.

I love Hanberger very much!!
we went to Johnny Rockets
I did order of Rocket Double!
Super BIG SIZE!!!!!

When we finished a lunch, We went to Santa Monica via Beverly Hills.
A lot of performers gathered for a promenade on the weekend today.
The reason why I came to this Santa Monica is to go to Kidrobot.
Paul bought a lot of Munny and Dunny with me.

and this is sketch of the day.

Friday, July 28, 2006

DoodleTrip Day10

Day 10: 28/July/2006 LosAngeles - Went to Theater

I went to watch movie "superman returns" with Celeste of Mrs. Paul today.
I love a movie of American Comic.
I was impressed by this movie very much.
You should certainly watch this movie!!

Paul was going to enjoy a movie together at first, too.
However, he is very busy for a new project.
However, he came home for me in the middle of the night.
I stay in Poda Graph which is a Private office of Paul.
His Private office is very nice!!

I will go to Santa Monica with Mr. and Mrs. Davies tomorrow.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

DoodleTrip Day09

Day 09: 27/July/2006 LosAngeles - LACMA / Weekly Sketchbook Session

I got up early a little today and at first went to Bank Of America.
I have been to an overseas bank sometimes. However, I am always tense.
I changed a currency for the dollar from the yen and deposited it.
This work was the greatest mission of this trip.

I came back from a bank and went to LACMA.
When I visited Los Angeles, an art museum to always visit is LACMA.
Devid Hockney exhibition is exhibiting now.
I like his small sketchbooks!!


I took a subway in the evening and went to StudioCity.
I was going to go to Prescilla's Coffee of Barmank by bus.
However, though I waited for one hour, the bus didn't come.
As a result, I went to Barbank on foot for 40 minutes.


I was able to meet a special guest this time.
Paige Pooler of a concept art designer of WowWowWubbzy.
John Banh of a animater of Family Guy.
Alina Chau of a 3D creator and Her blog is popular very much, and her watercolor is very wonderful, too.
In addition, many great friends gathered.
I want to go to this cafe every week, too.
I enjoyed them and conversation and drawing.

These are my sketch of the day @ LACMA

and it's @ Studio City when I was waiting a bus.....

I did many drawing @ Weekly Sketchbook session.
but I forgot took a foto!! ahhhhhh

I got many drawing for me:)

I will move to Paul Davies home from Ed's home.
Thank you very much Ed!!! I never forget your kindness!!


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