Thursday, July 20, 2006

DoodleTrip Day02

Day 02: 20/July/2006 SDCC Opening day

Today is the first day of exhibit of SDCC to the public.
However, as a result of having drunk much liquor yesterday,
I have overslept until about 11:00.

I went to an exhibition hall at about 12:00.
A lot of costume players came for SDCC.
I did not think that a Japanese Animation character was popular so much.

I could meet a lot of longed-for artists today and was excited very much.
Many artists participating in DrawingBoard watch AKA of PaintMonster of my pass and talk.
I participated in DrawingBoard and thought that I was very happy.

Gurihiru of a Marvel artist from Sapporo did an autograph session in Marvel Booth at about half past 5 pm.
I heard that it was the first experience that they sketched with a signature on live event.

I went to drink tonight as same as last night.
May I continue this life pattern every day?

I did "drawing of the person" also today.
There are already many people like a character of comics in American people.
Therefore I come by drawing very happily.

At last I have finished walking the first floor of an exhibition hall.
However, I didn't check these details.
I want to check a branch way slowly and carefully tomorrow.
I was able to meet Kazu Kibuishi and an artist of a friend today.
Friends gave a lot of souvenirs(Sketchbook, printed matters...etc..) to me.

Drawing Session is held in San Diego in evening of 22nd.
I look forward to that I can meet many artists.



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