Friday, April 27, 2007

Digital Live Drawing @ Aka-Renga Cafe

It is an exhibition of the relay form by four illustrators of DIDO.
The digital live drawing was done at the opening party of "Exhibition at the Window".
I planned to draw the work by using Painter.
However, Painter broke just before live.
As a result, I decided to draw the work as usual with Flash and Photoshop.

Three artists introduced the production method and the technique.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

DIDO20 One Night Exhibition & Party 2007

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the long time I didn't update my blog....
I am super busy everyday and I couldn't update...

so, I went to "DIDO20 One Night Exhibition & Party 2007" and exhibit my arts.

A) Painting my works by Acrylic Color

B) It is a finished work. I drew a cartoon this time.

C) One chair is one's booth in this event. I showed My drawings by a PC and a sketchbook.

D) This is my booth.

E) Digital Live Drawing at DIDO20 Exhibit hall

F) Live Superimpose...

G) Digital Live Drawing...
DigitalLiveDrawing is the new performance that put live broadcasting drawing together in music of DJ.

H) I use two ThinkPads

I) Drawing is extended to 150 inches with a liquid crystal projector, and it is reflected.

You can see more detail of this exhibition by YouTube movies.


-Part 1-



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