Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snow Festival Official Poster!!!

Hi Folks,
It's super big news to me!
My sculpture works were adopted for the visual of the official poster of the snow


Art Director : Kusabiraki (Shinrinsha)
Designer : Akiyo Adachi (Shinrinsha)
Charctor Design : Marty M. Ito (PaintMonster ArtStudio)
Sculptures : Marty M. Ito (PaintMonster ArtStudio)
Patisserie : Yukie Nosaki (Nosaki-Ya)
Photographer : Eri Ishida (St. Pront)
Ad Agency : HKI Axis
Client : Executive Committee of Sapporo Snow Festival
Official Website of Sapporo Snow Featival
(This site is being prepared now. Probably, it will be updated this autumn. )

and these are idea drawings...
at first, I drew cute snowman.

these are idea drawing of girl.

these are idea drawing of boy.

this is test drawing of color image .

and here is final drawing of idea check.

these are finished work of my sculptures.
a) All Stars

b) Snowman

c) Girl

c) Boy

c) Sled

have afun:)

Monday, June 02, 2008


Hi folks,
sorry for no response and no update...
I am working hard everyday now....
but, I did SpeakerDog design!!

idea sketches and free drawing...

and dummy (test) version.

finished work...
This Speakerdog that I designed is a name of "HAPPY MOM".

and I designed one more...
This Speakerdog that I designed is a name of "SATISFIED KITTY".

These are pair foto...

and these are friends...
My student designed the other two models...

If you liked my Speakerdog, you can download both Speakerdog at the follow link.
"HAPPY MOM" (pdf / 665kb)
"SATISFIED KITTY" (pdf / 551kb)

and you can check more speakerdog on official site.


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