Thursday, September 21, 2006

Recycling sketchbook

I lecture on the storyboard at the art school every day.
The paper such as a large amount of Kent papers is used there every day.
The paper etc. of each classroom that fail in the printout are
collected, and the abolition paper collection industry collects once
every several months and it is recycled.

This school is an art school.
Therefore, a wonderful pattern and the pattern can be found from the
paper that became unnecessary.

Then, I decided to make the recycling sketchbook by using paper (Kent paper) by which these unnecessarily became it.

First of all extra paper cement (paste for the design) and dirt are removed.
However, the one with interesting shape is not taken.

Paper is cut in the A4 size (normal size of Japan).
and this paper bent to half size.

I prepared 20 sheets of paper bent to two.

The back of 20 bent sheets of paper is firmly bonded with the glue.
The bonding side is evened up as much as possible.

After it had bonded, The page of the book was completed.
It is more interesting that the pattern and graphic have mixed.

I made the test (prototype) several times.
As a result, when "Thick paper" is used for the cover, finish is beautiful.
Then, four Kent papers decided to be sticked together.

The paste of starch is matched to the bond for woodwork.
Water is added to the paste, and it makes it become the viscosity like the shampoo.
The paste is politely painted with the brush.

When the page is added to the cover, it is a completion.
I made the cover of various designs.

Have a fun :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I need your HELP!!!!!

Hi folks,


I am presiding over the group of the illustrator named DIDO in Japan.
This DIDO holds AWARD in October.
However, the work from countries other than Japan has not been received yet.

DEADLINE is 22th / September!!!
YES, This FRIDAY!!!!
but I can add more 3days!!
new DEADLINE is 25th / September!!!!

Entry Fee of DIDO Award is 60USD.
However, there is No Entry Fee needing if you send the work!!!!!

I want to make DIDO Award succeed.
Please send me your wonderful work by E-mail !!!

The theme of the illustration of DIDO Award is "Network".
You must draw illustration freely interpreting this theme.
The size of illustration is 23.76inch x 16.8inch.
The file format is JPEG / CMYK and 150dpi.
You can send less than 3 works per a artist.
you can use template. (JPEG / Photoshop)

more DIDO AWARD detail is follow link!!

when you drew illustration for DIDO Award,
please send your illustration with entry sheet and comment sheet to this E-mail address!

DIDO AWARD 2006 Entry Sheet (download)
DIDO AWARD 2006 Comment Sheet (download)
DIDO AWARD 2006 Guideline(download)

If you can't send big data to us, you can use this free transmission service.
YouSendIt (MAX:100MB)

PLEEEEEESE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Subway and Cafe Sketch

Hi Doodlers!!
I did subway sketch and cafe sketch.

have a fun!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Free Drawing....

Thank you very much every time!!
these are more my free drawing

Monday, September 11, 2006

Free Drawing....

It's my free drawing...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

#7th World Wide Drawing Session

Hi folks,
Today was DS the day!!

at first.... I made logo sticker for #7 DS.

6 doodler come here today.

these are my take....

and this is official thread of Drawing session.
you can see other members doodles:)

have a fun!!


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