Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Exhibition!

Hi Folks,
I concluded the agent contract with a gallery in Japan and now engaging in their new project called "A2-CAFE"!
And, this agent is planning to keep unique event for the promotion of my work which will start from July 13th - 16th for 4 days.
Approximately 20 artrworks will be exhibited, and my work will be sold on the spot.

This is an invitation card for my promotion event.
designed by Ryo Ueda (Commune Graphics).

I am super-busy making works for coming exhibition right now.
this is the largest works I have ever done on prints!
(44 inches wide / Giclee on Canvas !!!)

Wicked! I was very surprised!
Because Giclee is the ROCK! Super beautiful print!! Job well done.

And I made limited unique edition for this upcoming exhibition and will release it.
For this unique version, I added special touch in acrylic paints.

These are my special unique versions ...

almost done!!

I need mobile bed!!!! Too sleepy and feel dizzy, man.
ahhhhhhhhhhh.......(it's already morning...)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Madobe-ten (my exhibition)

Hi, Folks,
These photos are my exhibition in Sapporo.
I made new very short story for this exhibition.
and I show many sketches and sell story boards etc...

Out Side (Show Window)

sorry for bad condition of these phostos...

In Side

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Forest Story

Hi Folks,
I made a very short story for my exhibition.
It's just 12 cuts.


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