Friday, March 31, 2006

Dojo Galz 20060325

These are my take of Drawing Dojo
Have a fun:)

Dojo: 20060325

and here is this week's Dojo!!
I am want to see your take!!
Thank you!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dojo Girlz

I draw two Galz every week.
Because, two photographs (sample) are update on my forum every week.
And a participant interprets the photograph freely and draws an illustration.
It is DrawingDojo.
These are my take....
Have a fun:)

Dojo: 20060304

Dojo: 20060311

Dojo: 20060318

and here is this week's Dojo!!
I am want to see your take!!
Thank you!!

Monday, March 27, 2006


I have a MAMMYZ FACTORY of design and illustration creation Company and a PaintMonster of animation and sculpture Atelier in Japan.

This my works REEL.
When you got interest in my REEL, I am very glad!!
Have a fun!!

Video sent by PaintMonster

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

#2nd World Wide Drawing Session

It is an event to enjoy drawing, software, hardware,
art supplies or a talk of a hobby while drinking coffee.
It is a drawing session.

9 participants gathered in Sapporo meeting place.
3 participants gathered in Tokyo meeting place.
several participants gathered in Online meeting place.

These are my take of this Drawing Session.

I updated the take of other participants in this place.
A next drawing session is April 15. Let's participate online by all means!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ICC Festival

"ICC Festival" was held in ICC of an art support institution of Sapporo.
This event is one of the art events that a city sponsors.
An art group of 30-40 participated.

I exhibited "PaintMonster SculptureFactory"
which was my atelier brand for this event.
I installed a small presentation booth by this exhibition.

Left: MILK / Right: Decker

Left: StrawberrySun / Right: Become a Dancer

Custom Base Sculpture "PAT

I edited my cartoon film and stop motion to a movie of
approximately 3 minutes and did the screening with a PC.

Several character designers did talk show as a guest.
They showed not only a talk of merely design
but also "a method to succeed as character business".
It was a splendid event studied very much.

Friday, March 10, 2006


This is the weekendrawing (March 1st week).
The work theme of this week is "item in your refrigerator".
A drink and sauce are mostly contained in my refrigerator.
I purchase a small quantity every day.
Therefore, most of vegetables or meat is not contained in the refrigerator.
However, since I like a hot dog, a mustard, Catsup and sausage are indispensable.

Incidentally Weekendrawing of this week is "the scenery with cat".

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Food Sketches 2

I went to "Bakery Morimoto".
There is oven of a big stone in this store.
And there are 100 or more employees.
The secret this shop in "the cooking school to become a bread craftsman" is because is it.
It is the very wonderful shop which can purchase cheap, delicious bread and cake, a cake.

And this is a "Genghis Khan".
Genghis Khan is Mongolian's hero's name.
This cooking roasts lamb and vegetables in an iron pan and eats in a special source.
Perhaps I think lamb to have gained a name of "Genghis Khan" by being food of Mongolia.
And historic interchange of Japanese Hokkaido and Mongolia where I live in is not found,
but a name to say to this cooking with "Genghis Khan" is used.


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