Monday, February 27, 2006

Food Sketches

I went to "Fruitscake Factory".
There is this shop in Sapporo where I live in.
People living in U.S.A. may see this shop funnily
Because I know that there is "Cheesecake Factory" of a big chain store in U.S.A.
I was surprised, these two shops resemble a logo too. hehehe

And this is a "Pork cutlet".
I love a cutlet.
We can eat such a cutlet in a shop of fast food in recent Japan, too.

What kind of cooking do you like?

My Materials

I like Materials very much.
These are my pencils sketches...
I especilly like SANFORD "col-erace"!!

and these are my pigment ink markers...
When I am drawing the sketchbook of Moleskine,
These pigment ink markers do good work.

What kind of pencil and pen are you using?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sketch Crawl

I went to Tokyo for Enrico Casarosa presents
"World Wide Sketch Crawl in Tokyo".
This "Sketch Crawl" is holding almost every month.
This event in which anyone can participate is held
in the town and area in the world.
If you get interested,
you should participate from the next SketchCrawl.
The information on SketchCrawl can be checked from here.

over 20 members came to this session today!!
and special Guest artist is...
Enrico Casarosa
Ronnie Del Carmen
Tadahiro Uesugi
I got a super happy time with many sketchers.
SketchCrawl of the Tokyo area was held around Kichijoji station.
Many Cafe, Bar and Restaurants are located in this area.
A very narrow and dark alley feels different space.
On the other hand, Inokashira Park is very open.
We enjoyed the sketch in this different space and park.

It was somewhat cold in Tokyo of this day.
However, we enjoyed many sketches.
These are my sketches...

This store will be wonderful if you want to enjoy home cooking of Japan.

more my sketches and other sketchers works are HERE.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

WWDS the day!!

Hi Folks,
Sapporo Area WWDS was finished!!!

7 members came to this session today!!
and an on-line member's work will be updated after this.

This drawing session is the plan
"an illustration will be drawn or conversation will be enjoyed while drinking coffee."
It started at 4:00PM and we were very enjoyed this session. closed time was 10:30PM.

These are my session sketches....

If you want to see other members sketches, please click this link!

And You can also update to follow link.
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on PaintMonsterBoard.
or If you have a ID of Drawing Board, please look at this link...
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on DrawingBoard.

I am waiting your wonderful happy drawing!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

World Wide Drawing Session (Information)

Hi Folks,
I planned the event which performs DS in the world on the same day.
This is called "World Wide Drawing Session."
This time is 1st memorable World Wide Drawing Session!!

As for this session, you hold DS in your town at the date.
Your house, a coffee shop, a school, and a park... you can set anywhere!.
Please enjoy DS with a friend!!
And please update the photograph of that enjoy session to WWDS.
Of course, please also update a your sketches and your friend's sketches!

If you can't assemble a friend,
please update a sketch to follow link directly.
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on PaintMonsterBoard.
or If you have a ID of Drawing Board, please look at this link...
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on DrawingBoard.

First World Wide Drawing Session DATE : 18, Febuary, 2006

When you can participate, please tell your town and country.

The friend of the following area participates in this event. (13/FEB/2006)
Los Angeles(USA)
New York(USA)
West Lafayette(USA)
San Diego(USA)
San Francisco(USA)

I desire participation of the many area.
I can't wait!!
Have a Great WWDS!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mr. Clione

I live in Hokkaido in Japan.
East Coast in Hokkaido is called Sea of Okhotsk.
When winter has come,
drift ice will come to this Sea of Okhotsk from Siberia.
The very small marine creature lives under this drift ice.
The creature of this small sea is called "Clione."
I got the inspiration from this Clione and drew "Mr. Clione."

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Shane

Today is a birthday of Shane Corn of the creator who offered the place in the drawing session of Los Angeles.
In his house, 70's party is held tonight!!
Although I also want to go, Los Angeles is too far from going from Sapporo.
Therefore, I participated by Doodle.


Cat Girl

I love an American comic (Toons) very much.
I do not necessarily know the American comic well.
However, I like a technique with clear bold line and shade.
Many of my works do not use a line like a brush.
Since I am poor at making a story, I need to study a story after this.


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