Thursday, February 09, 2006

World Wide Drawing Session (Information)

Hi Folks,
I planned the event which performs DS in the world on the same day.
This is called "World Wide Drawing Session."
This time is 1st memorable World Wide Drawing Session!!

As for this session, you hold DS in your town at the date.
Your house, a coffee shop, a school, and a park... you can set anywhere!.
Please enjoy DS with a friend!!
And please update the photograph of that enjoy session to WWDS.
Of course, please also update a your sketches and your friend's sketches!

If you can't assemble a friend,
please update a sketch to follow link directly.
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on PaintMonsterBoard.
or If you have a ID of Drawing Board, please look at this link...
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on DrawingBoard.

First World Wide Drawing Session DATE : 18, Febuary, 2006

When you can participate, please tell your town and country.

The friend of the following area participates in this event. (13/FEB/2006)
Los Angeles(USA)
New York(USA)
West Lafayette(USA)
San Diego(USA)
San Francisco(USA)

I desire participation of the many area.
I can't wait!!
Have a Great WWDS!!


Gerald said...

Alright Marty! You'll get to hang out with enrico and ronnie one more time! Woo-hoo. Sounds like fun.

Hopefully I can upload my sketches from that weekend when I get back. Take care, talk to ya later.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
I will add the list on San Francisco of yours!!
and I can't wait to see your wonderful sketches!!

Angel Devil said...

Oh! It sounds like fun! What a good idea!

PaintMonster said...

Angel Devil
Thank you very much!!
Oh I saw today's NYC news on TV.
27 inch deep snow!!!!!
waaao!! are you OK?
by the way my town Sapporo has 34.5 inch super deep snow!!!
Yes, please join this event!!
and I saw your site,
wow you are renaissance man(woman)!
thank tou for join my board too.

carlos badillo said...

perdon por el idioma, tu trabajo es bueno y me gustó, tus personajes son muy expresivos, te comparto mi trabajo:

PaintMonster said...

carlos badillo
Thank you for your comment!
but......I can't understand your country language.
Moreover, I visited your blog and web site. these are full of wonderful drawing!!
probably, you said "I can join this project!" isn't it?

Capt. Insane said...

cool, im looking forward to the results...btw Pembrokeshire is in Wales, Marty, not in the USA :P


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