Monday, January 30, 2006

Sapporo Area Drawing Session

I hold Sapporo area Drawing Session last Saturday.
13 people came to this session!

This drawing session is the plan
"an illustration will be drawn or conversation will be enjoyed while drinking coffee."
It started at 4:00PM and we were very enjoyed this session. closed time was 9:00PM.

It is the reason ended earlier than usual. We went to IZAKAYA!!

These are my session sketches....

If you want to see other members sketches, please click this link!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DAY21: Back to Sapporo

My travel to U.S. for 20 days will end at today.
I wanted to stay in fact a little longer.
However, since work in Japan is waiting for me, you have to return.

This time, I visited four cities in Miami, New York,
San Francisco, Los Angeles.
I met many of the creators and got many stimuli.
Moreover, I went to five big art museums.
Systems differ in the art museum in Japan and the United States.
Neither photography nor a sketch is allowed in the art museum in Japan.

My exhibition is also held in the town in the Alhambra which exists in a suburb of Los Angeles in January, next year.
Thank you for big cooperation from Kazu and Ben!

My dream comes true little by little.
I can't wait to next travel!
I want to say "thank you" to the friends of the United States which made great recollections from my travel in America.

DAY20: SketchBook Session

I heard rumor that a session will be open by Priscilla's Gourmet Coffee this week also.
I took the bus also for 1 hour and went to this cafe.

Great creators gather on Thursday in this cafe every week,
and the session is performed.
If I live in LA, I will want to go every week.


Since I stay at LA every year around January 6, I go to see this LA AUTO SHOW.
As for the United States, an advertising regulation standard differs from Japan. Therefore, exaggerated and showy advertisement can be seen in this show.
It seems that it is carrying out to a certain meaning "a theme park."

It is very stimulative to see new technology and a new style every year.

Friday, January 13, 2006


I went to Museum of Latin American Art(MoLAA).
It is really beautiful latin art museum.
And we were very lucky.
It is because the SOTO exhibition was held.
It's also super nice!!

Sculpture is exhibited by the courtyard of this art museum.
The style and color which we do not have were enjoyed.


I went to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA).
I like LACMA in some art museums in the United States visited until now.
Many ancient arts are exhibiting in LACMA.
I like an ancient art very much. It is because they already have the element of the present "characters items."

I was very surprised!
because LACMA has much Japanese arts!
especially DOGU is awesome!

DAY16: The Cheese Cake Factory

I went to Melrose street to visit one of comic store "Golden Apple".
I like American toons very much! I bought many toons!!hahaha
At Evening,
I went to The Cheese Cake Factory.
Since all American food is large, I always cannot eat all up.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

DAY15: Getty Museum & Drawing Session LA

I went to Getty Museum.
This art museum exists on the hill near Santa Monica.
The building made with the white stone is very beautiful.
Probably, plottage will be the largest in the Los Angeles area.

And the drawing session was held in Mr. Shane's house at night.
About 50 persons' creators gathered and the drawing session was carried out all night.

I will report detailed information on the page of a drawing session.


I went to The Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA).
Current special exhibition is "Masters of American Comic".

Many precious sketches and memoranda, and printed matter are exhibiting now.
Those who live in LA area should go to surely see!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day13: San Francisco

I went to San Francisco to meet Mr.Enrico.
today is super sunnyday! I rode on the cable car and went to Hyde.
I like San Francisco. It is very beautiful and is because an old thing and a new thing live together.

Since two days stayed this time, I want to stay for a long time next time. I am thankful to the friends of San Francisco who gave me a telephone and E-mail.

Day12: PIXAR Animation Studios

I went to PIXAR Animation Studio to meet Mr.Enrico!
I was very surprised, because this studio is super big!!

In the building of PIXAR, creators are moving with the kick scooter.
Cafe, an arcade game, table tennis, a movie theater, a preview room, a kitchen, a sport gym, a soccer stadium, a tennis court, a pool, etc. are environment like Heaven for a creator.
I know Mr. Enrico is busy man. but he spared time for me.
Thank you very much Enrico san!!


I went to PASADENA from LA downtown!
This toewn is very beautiful!! I want to live in this town!!

The friend of Los Angeles came to the hotel on the night of this day!!

Day10: Hello Los Angeles!

I moved to Los Angeles from NYC!
We waited almost as long as 2 hours until we passed security at the JFK airport.

The big lady carried the big bag into the inside of an Airplane.

Since I ate meat every day, I took tonight for the light meal.

Day9: MOMA / PIXAR Exhibition

I went to PIXAR 20years of Animarions Special Exhibition @ MOMA.

Much precious data, such as a sketch and a clay model, were exhibited.
I have seen, being excited very much.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Day8 : The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Alisa of the sketch crawl member of New York planned the last sketch crawl this year.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a very large art museum.
Therefore, I sketched only the Egypt area and sculpture area.

Thank you very much Alisa and NYC sketch crawl members!!

Day7 : Times Square

I wen to times square today.
It is because too much many people will gather in this place in December 31.

Day6 : Jackson Hole

We went to super Yummy big burger shop "Jackson hole"!!

Day5: Hello NYC!!

I moved to New York from Miami. It is cold in New York truly!

The first day met Mr. Norn ( ) of a friend and go to the TOY shop.

Day4 : Open The Account

I went to Bank of amerika for open my account.
In the bank in Japan, in order to open a new account,
it needs only for 10 to 30 minutes.
but American bank need 2 or 3 hours!!

Today's dinner was Yummy Shish Kabab!!


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