Monday, September 26, 2005

Illustration Friday: Fresh

Foods become more delicious in autumn.
In addition, as for the autumn of Sapporo, the mountains become very colorful.
I like watching a mountain of this season.
It is pink in spring. green in the summer. pure white in winter.
...And it is rainbow color in autumn.
Many trees turn into red and orange. and colorful fruit grows there.

I like an apple, a pear, a grape.
Autumn is delicious season!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Drawing Dojo: Lagoon

How many times do you go to the sea in one year?
I did not go to the sea once this year.
The sea is located also in my town.
However, it is also one of the busiest seasons for me in summer.
Therefore, I couldn't go to sea.
And it is very short in the summer of Hokkaido.

Drawing Dojo: Relax with Apple

As for "Mt.Taisetsu" of the highest mountain in Hokkaido,
it already snowed.
From now on, winter I hate will come.
However, I like autumn.
Fruit, Seafood, and many foods are delicious seasons in autumn!

What is the fruit which you like?
I like an apple.

Monday, September 19, 2005


DIDO AWARD 2005 was held in Hirosaki Aomori in Japan on September 17-19, 2005.
This DIDO award 2005 is an award of the illustration which makes a calendar on the theme of "nature."

Each prize is determined by on-line vote and vote of a judge.
I got most votes on line.

I won "GOLD award" which is the highest prize of this DIDO award 2005!

Thank you very much for voted friends!

I checked anew that there were many great friends all over the world.
I want to make many works with which much more friends are pleased by having won this award.
In holding this DIDOAWARD, I received many cooperation in GARY HAM. I thank here.

The winner of this DIDO AWARD 2005 can be seen here.

Thank you very much Again!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Illustration Friday: Escape

What kind of student were you, when you were a student?
I was active to break time and was the student who is sleeping during class.

In Japan, there is a proverb "the child who goes to sleep grows up.
" However, you have not said that you may sleep. hahahahaha

The time of about 20 years has passed since that, and I am working as the teacher now.
I found that it was very difficult to give a lecture so that students may not become sleepy.

My teacher when I am a child.
I'm sorry.

And thank you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Drawing Dojo: Vending Machine

In Japan, we can see a vending machine everywhere.
We can use a vending machine at any time.
Juice, Beer, Tabacco, Hamberger, sandwitches,
HotChocolate, Nudoles, Pasta, Sushi...and more...

The number of a vending machine is proportional to the merit of the peace. The number of vending machines is decreasing in the big city in Japan.

I want to live in the town which can use a vending machine safely for 24 hours.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

DrawingDojo: Drink a Water

Can the tap water of your town be drunk?
The tap water of my town can be drunk.

However, tap water when I am a child was more delicious.
Although it is old memory, I think that it is infallible.
I buy mineral water at store recently.
There was no custom which purchases water and tea in a store.
Did the time change?
The most important problem. It's "to get safe water".

Monday, September 12, 2005

Illustration Friday: Depth

I like a vehicle.
The vehicle which I have has two cars, one motorbike and three bicycles.
Furthermore, I have four skateboards, and three snowboard.
However, since I'm one person, I don't use all at once.

I had two canoes before.
However, since I rode only several times in one year, it has sold.
Even if it carries out such waste, I like a vehicle.
I want to take a walk in deep sea or the sky freely.
I will want to buy it, if there are the airplane and submarine of a good price.

Of course, it's secret of my wife.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DrawingDojo : Look for Wind

New Orleans was serious damaged by hurricane.
and Kyushu / SanIn area were serious damaged by typhoon in Japan.
I pray for the bliss of the dead people which became many sacrifices.

Although hurricane and a typhoon give us a serious damage, a "wind" may give us peacefulness.
"A really required thing", "Many people's voice"
They could be understood to look for a "wind."

This illustration "Look for Wind" is drawn for Drawing Dojo.
Two photographs are updated to Drawing Dojo on every Thursday.
A participant draws an illustration from a photograph by each interpretation.

Monday, September 05, 2005

DrawingDojo : Rests at Street

Cold of Sapporo has been increasing day by day.
Although trees are still green, it will become red soon.
Shortly after trees become red, it will snow.
It is short in the summer of Sapporo, and long in winter.
However, we enjoy a coat and a sweater in winter.
We can enjoy very many kinds of clothes.
What is pleasure of your winter?

This illustration "Rest at Street" is drawn for Drawing Dojo.
Two photographs are updated to Drawing Dojo on every Thursday.
A participant draws an illustration from a photograph by each interpretation.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Illustration Friday: roots

My relative's child is still 1 years old.
This child can the talk with an animal.
It seems that animals also understand what this child has said.
I do not remember.
However, long ago, probably many human could talk with animals.
If I am able to understand the language of an animal even now,
I became Japan's Dr. Dolittle!!


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