Sunday, August 26, 2007

Drawing Session #16 Sapporo

Today is the day of Drawing Session in Sapporo.

There is no decided rule in DrawingSession.

Everyone can participate free of charge.

Everyone can participate free of charge.

He participated in DS for the first time. However, he seems also to have been
enjoying the session.

It is one of the enjoyments to check others' writing cases in DS.

These are my take in this time.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sketch Crawl #15 Otaru

Hi Folks,
I went to OTARU in Northern Japan small city for the sketch crawl today.
It's beautiful today.
this time, 5 member was participated.

as for Otaru city, they has only about 2 weeks summer!
moreover, this year is very different from past year....too much hot!

Sketching....Eating.... Walking.....Talking....Drinking.....Sketching....
hehee very comfortable!

We ate ....
Rice cracker
Soft ice cream
Oraru Beer
Tiramis cream puff
Fried chicken
and more.... hehehe

these are my take of today...

Monday, August 13, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day24

Thank you for the watched my summer tour report everyday.
but it's finished today.

at Airplane to Tokyo.

at Airplane to Tokyo.

at Airplane to Tokyo.

at Airport of Tokyo International.

The following United States visit is January, 2008.
Seee You America!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day23

Today is final day of my Summer Tour 2007.

It's beautiful everyday!!

at first, I went to SantaMonica again. because I want to visit REI store.
I like Outdoor gear (recreational equipment).
after shpping, I was walked around santa monica area.
However, it was not possible to keep walking because it was too hot today.
I moved to Farmars market in hollywood area.
I like here.
because, when I came here past 17 years before, I thought US people is very kindness! I became to like United States.

I love American classic type burger very much!!
I want to keep eating!!!!!!!

at night time, I went to Meltdown Comics.

tonight is the night of LA MYTH.

This exhibition is very pungent for me. It is held by a style quite different from the exhibition style of Japan.

this is contributer list. wow nice design!!

This is main visual of gallery wall. Designed by Aaron.

wow big plush!! it's touchable!! YAY!!

These are Nicelodeon animator's works!

hehehe this is my memorial drawing!

I visited many galleries this time. moreover, this exhibition is the best for me!

and this is BIG NEWS!!

My WAO3 is selling in MeltdownComics!!

It will be necessary to return to Japan by the flight of ten hours tomorrow!

Friday, August 10, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day22

I went to HAMMER museum today.
I have not been to this museum.

This museum has not permitted taking a picture in the pavilion. therefore, I don't have photograph.

It took a picture only of one piece because it was possible to take a picture
of externals of the museum.

I did not know one block of this area to be long. therefore I walked much.
I am super tired today!!
Tomorrow is FINAL DAY for me.
However, I will go positively anywhere!!
See you toon!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day21

It's beautiful today.
I went to Nickelodeon Animation Studio again.

This is main entrance here.

and here is a floor of ElTigre.
Characters of Nick stand everywhere of the studio. It is a really wonderful studio.

at first, I met Steve Lambe.
and we enjoyed conversation about Drawing, Charactor Design, and Animation!

this is guest drawing by Steve!

She is Stella Lee. she is very cute lady.

she did also drawing for me!!

It's me. Steve made me sit on his seat!!

next, I visited Gabe Swarr room.

He is very kindness and happy guy. I like gabe!

I presented my sketchbook to him. hehehe nice smile!!

Gabe did dawing for me. thanks!!

and I move to Priscilla Cafe for weekly sketchbook session.

They are very wonderful! happy, smiley, and draw draw!

I met many LALA friends!! I love LALA LAND!!

These are guest arts!!

Shane Corn

Paige Pooler

and these are my take.

I am not fixed of the schedule for tomorrow.
probably, I will walk around closed to my hotel.
see you!!


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