Wednesday, August 01, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day13

My schedule of today is heavy!!!

I went to breakfast. and meet the Annie of Billy Shire Fine Arts.
She made arrangements that met Gary Baseman for me!!
Time passed for about 30 minutes. Gary came there.
I feel strong force!!

I presented my WAO3 to Gary. However, Gary seems always to take printed matter inversely.

and he did quick drawing for me!! Thanks Gary!!

I went to Burbank around 1:00PM.
The purpose is to visit the Nickelodeon animation studio!!

YAY, I love Nick!!

I got Guest Pass at entrance of Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

wow It's really Nick world!

Animator's Sponge Bob's Doodle was pasted to the mini kitchen of the sponge Bob team.

Jorge R. Gutierrez of executive director who invited me.
He is a director of El Tigre. El Tigre has not been telecasted in Japan yet. However, it was the enjoyment in me to meet this staff and the character.

I met Stive Lambe!! I like his arts very much!!

I met KatieRace!! She is very cuye girl. and kindness!!

and I got the quick draw by SandraEquhua of Wow Wow Wubbzy charactor designer!! She is wonderful. and super kindness!!

The staff of Nickelodeon is very kind. And, they ardently saw my work.
Thank you very much Nick friends!!
I wanted to stay in Nick. However, I couldn't obstruct their work.
I returned to Hollywood.

I will go to sketchbook session "Drink and Drawing" tonight.
When I visited Bar, several participants had already gathered.
This group is irregularly concentrated. They do the drawing that decides the theme every time and along the theme.

Tonight theme is "Robot".

I have not met them. However, Doodler can be made friends momentarily at the
time of met.

Doodler of several people drew me. hehehe. If the American sees me, it becomes it so.

and these are my drawing of today...

at Subway Red line. I love her 60's design clothes!

at Universul City Station when I am waiting Happy Luca who is my Italian friend.

at Subway Red line. I drew while thinking of Nick.

at Bus. She ate something while hiding by bus.
*A bus and the subway of Los Angeles are forbidden to eat and drink.

The Quick drawing which I drew when I waited before Drink and drawing in a house of My LALA friend Ed.

at Drink and drawing. Robot #1.

at Drink and drawing. Robot #2.

at Drink and drawing. Robot #3.

I will go to Burbank again for a weekly drawing session tomorrow.
See you tomorrow!!


Sistermoon said...

...very beauty the colors!!!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!!


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