Saturday, August 11, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day23

Today is final day of my Summer Tour 2007.

It's beautiful everyday!!

at first, I went to SantaMonica again. because I want to visit REI store.
I like Outdoor gear (recreational equipment).
after shpping, I was walked around santa monica area.
However, it was not possible to keep walking because it was too hot today.
I moved to Farmars market in hollywood area.
I like here.
because, when I came here past 17 years before, I thought US people is very kindness! I became to like United States.

I love American classic type burger very much!!
I want to keep eating!!!!!!!

at night time, I went to Meltdown Comics.

tonight is the night of LA MYTH.

This exhibition is very pungent for me. It is held by a style quite different from the exhibition style of Japan.

this is contributer list. wow nice design!!

This is main visual of gallery wall. Designed by Aaron.

wow big plush!! it's touchable!! YAY!!

These are Nicelodeon animator's works!

hehehe this is my memorial drawing!

I visited many galleries this time. moreover, this exhibition is the best for me!

and this is BIG NEWS!!

My WAO3 is selling in MeltdownComics!!

It will be necessary to return to Japan by the flight of ten hours tomorrow!



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