Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day20

Wow very beautiful day!

I don't have plan today....and I just ride on Bus to Santa Monica...

I was not to have come to Santa Monica as there were some reasons.
As for Santa Monica of today, the morning fair is done. The promenade is crowded as
I stopped by a certain shop. And, I asked the stuff in the shop, "Do you keep two eye-glasses with hard case?"
"No Sorry..." she said.
and she also "but We are keeping these glasses...."


"It's MINE!!!!"

I was putting the one mini cloth bag in a hard case.
Yes, my two eye-glasses were kept in this store with mini cloth bag!!
A hard case was lost. However, there was no damage in glasses at all.


I move by bus every day. It changed it as many as 15 times today.

Now, I became BUS MASTER!!

this is today's take!

I will go to Nickelodeon for the meet Sandra Equihua tomorrow!!
I love AMERICA!!!
see you!!


Jose Saenz said...

I've never seen anyone who draws as much as you do, my friend. I hope you had fun in California and that you're doing great. Tell Kiyo that Marybel and I say hello!

PaintMonster said...

hehehe I was surprise!!
oh yes, we are good. I want to visit sunshine FL miami again!!!
Thank you very much for the comment!!


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