Friday, August 03, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day15

I went to Santa Monica today.
My purpose is to buy the acrylic color by Michaels.
However, 3rd promenade is crowded because of fine weather.
I stop by various shops, and luggage has increased little by little.

Is there a day of cloudy weather in Santa Monica?

Two people who seem to be happy.

It's a very beautiful location.

I return to Hollywoos area...
here is Farmars Market.

The performance of some band performances was done here because it was a weekend today. I love here. because I like narrow road.

this is the sketch of today.

And, it's the worst news for me.....
I lost my eye glasses today....ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
I don't know how to make nu eye glasses in america!

my schedule of tomorrow was decided...
I must go to eye glasses shop...
see you!



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