Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day19

I went to Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) to meet my friend Paul Davies in Culver City of Los Angeles.

Signboard that imagines movie.

This area is only this scenery!!
I can't find Paul's office!!

I found Paul's office building!!
The security check is strict.
However, the Visitor passing was smoothly obtained this time because how to receive it was able to be rehearsed with the other day's Nicolodeon.

Taking a picture is a prohibition in the building. Therefore, there is no
I heard about the way of his work from Paul. It was a very interesting story.
I learnt a lot of animator and programmers were related to the production of one short scene. And, the CG artist's work is really stoic and great patience!!

We are moove to Studio Area.
wow big gate!!

Here is a town for the employee of SPE.
wow big gate!!
There is an electric shop that sells only the SONY product. The employee can buy the SONY product at a low price. We took lunch at the cafeteria in this town.

SPE map with Paul.
wow 13 block huge!!

I moved to Gallery area of Culver city.

The administration advances "Art district" plan in CulverCity.
There seems to be an important hint for the art to take root in the town in
this town.

at first, I visited to Billy Shire Fine Arts of popular gallery.
The exhibition of Gary Baseman was held here.

The inside in this building is wooden. It is a gallery of a very wide, good
atmosphere. It is a wonderful space with the courtyard.

I moved to SIX SPACE of gallery.

The work exhibition of Carrie Marill was done here.

I moved to Gallery1988 of gallery.

This gallery is in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. It is one of popular
galleries among young people.

The next in this gallery is GoldenApple of my favorite comic shop.
I bought "5 for $1" comics!! hahaha

The voice message was in my cellular phone when coming round the gallery.
"Ordered glasses can already be prepared. Please come to a store at any time."

I went to "l.a. Eyeworks" of Melrose immediately!!

This is My NU eye glasses!!!!
I like Metal Frame. hehe I bought "PORKPIE" of Titan Frame Model.
b b but......
The frequency of this glasses doesn't suit me....

The problem of my glasses is not yet solved.

And, the problem ・・・

I bought a lot of books with Comic-con. And, the souvenir and painting materials, etc.・・・I might have to pay the cost of the weight excess.

and these are my doodles of today.

at bus stop in Fairfax / Melrose.

at bus stop in Fairfax / Venice.

at bus stop in Fairfax / Melrose.

and image of extra...

It's not my atelier... it's hostel room! hahaha
See you tomorrow.



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