Sunday, August 05, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day17

I went to the Los Angeles group of the sketch crawl.
The sketch crawl is an online event that Enrico Casarosa of the PIXAR animation studio planned.
The participant in the world sketches in each region on the same day. And, it introduces each sketch with Sketch Crawl Forum.

Today was super HOT!!
and many member came here today.
oh, here is Venice Bearch.

Today was also the day of Festval of Chariots.
Music overflows on the beach!!

sketch crawl ended in about two hours. because very hot!!
However it's my limited!!

There are a lot of cute wall paintings in the United States.
If it is Japan, most is a mere advertising board. I feel the difference of the
culture here.

and these are my take!

at meeting point.

at meeting point.

at stage show of beachside.

at stage side shade.

at Whole Foods Market.



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