Thursday, October 27, 2005

DrawingDojo : End of Summer

My busy season is summer.
I manage a design office on weekdays in a summer, and am managing the office of Sport DJ during the weekend.
Therefore, a summer does not have a holiday.
Yes, I haven't played for ten years in the sea.
I didn't go to the sea at last this year also, either.....

However, all are not sad stories.
All January of my office is a holiday.
It seems to be the vacation of Italy.
I will travel Florida and New York in December, this year. And I will travel Los Angeles in January, next year.

DrawingDojo : Autumn Break

Sapporo in which I live was already the changed to color of autumn.
If the color of mountains becomes red, it will change to white after several weeks.
It means simultaneously that this year finishes soon.

Don't you forget to do this year?
If you do start now, it's still possible!!

...It has said to myself.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Illustration Friday : Remote

When I was a child, I liked circus.
Especially, I like Tiger and animals show very much.
A big animal remoted like a small animal.

When I kept the cat, I ordered the cat.
"Please take a newspaper from the door"
A capricious cat does not hear my command by any means.
If I have the power of magic,
I manipulate a cat and make a newspaper have.

Please wait just for a moment...
If magic can be used, a newspaper will come in my hand directly!!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Collection of Doodle "WAO"

I made the long-awaited sketchbook!!
Much sketches which I drew are carried by this sketchbook.
50 limitation was printed this time.
Please look at the following link, when you want to purchase.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Illustration Friday : Cold

Sapporo is a very cold town.
We cannot live without a stove in winter.
However, there is many pleasure in a stove.
A stove warms a drink, soup, etc.
A storm becomes also instead of oven.

And the warmth of a stove warms my heart.

DrawingDojo : Baby Car

Do you have some old things(item)?

I have an old motorbike.
Although it was a 250 cc small motorbike, it decomposed altogether and fixed.
Although it has not ridden recently, it still good movable perfectly.

I like a vehicle.
I have...
2 Cars,
1 Moto,
2 Bicycles,
4 Long Skeatboards,
2 Short Skateboards,
3 Snow Boards....

However, I am one person.
It can't ride on all. hehehehe.......

DrawingDojo : Nap

Do you have an animal?
I have kept the dog and the cat once.
A dog is the optimal when playing with sufficient energy outside.
Probably, it will be good to exercise together with a dog and to warm the body in the cold morning.
A cat is the optimal when sleeping. However, when needed truly, capricious cats will be went to somewhere.

This has not said the female thing.

DrawingDojo : Flower Print

I was drawing the illustration on the window of a certain showroom 8 times in 2 years.
PaintMonster's Window Arts

However, since the showroom was renewed, the window was lost.
Although the end of the year was to draw the illustration of the Christmas & new year, it does not have the work this year.

Consequently, I can travel in the United States from December to January.
It is a good talk so that it may be bad. It is a complicated feeling.

DrawingDojo : Wind of a Sailboat

The trip of a ship is wonderful.

I did the short sea trip of only 4 hours several weeks ago.
The inside of a ship is special space.
I drew the watercolor painting of several sheets on the deck.
And I was sleeping unawares.

When an eye awoke, both my knees were suntanned crimson.

Illustration Friday : Float

Ordinary visitors can enjoy the travel of the space now.
We were enjoying the movie of "SF" before several years.
However, SF became actual.
A fancy writer turns into a nonfictioneer.

A walk in the space does not become exercise.
It is because the inside of a space station has more gravity than the outside.

Today's common sense is tomorrow's uncommon sense.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Drawing Dojo : Green Dress

What are you doing on the holiday?

My work is the lecturer of an art school during the morning from Monday to Friday,
And I am managing design office on the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Moreover, I am managing the office of DJ and MC on Saturday and Sunday.

That's right, I do not have a holiday.

Therefore, I make all January the holiday every year!!
The following January goes to Miami and LosAngeles.
Doesn't it meet, if you live in this area?
And let's carry out a drawing session!!

Drawing Dojo : Open The Door

2005 will be finished in about two months.
Did you do a new challenge this year?
I began this English Blog.
I learned English at the time of a high school student.
I am 37 years old.
(Oh!! almost 20years ago graduateed from the high school!!)

If I am studying English more when I am a high school student, troubles should not be suffered like this.!!

However, I appreciate that there is a friend who understands my poor English all over the world.
Thank you very much!!


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