Thursday, October 27, 2005

DrawingDojo : End of Summer

My busy season is summer.
I manage a design office on weekdays in a summer, and am managing the office of Sport DJ during the weekend.
Therefore, a summer does not have a holiday.
Yes, I haven't played for ten years in the sea.
I didn't go to the sea at last this year also, either.....

However, all are not sad stories.
All January of my office is a holiday.
It seems to be the vacation of Italy.
I will travel Florida and New York in December, this year. And I will travel Los Angeles in January, next year.


sahilbert said...

great illos I appreciate the nice comments about my sculptures =]

PaintMonster said...

You are welcome:)
and thank you for your visited!!

oinker said...

Thank you for comming to my blog.
Your works are great!!

PaintMonster said...

Oh thanks and welcome!!
yes, I like your art!!

Mark McDonnell said...

Very cute sketch. Great attitude.


PaintMonster said...

Cynthia Frenette
Thnak you very much MAC.

Leezy said...

Great work Paint Monster - your blog is always so much fun to look at. I really like your style.

Have a good and safe trip to Florida and NYC. I lkove NYC I live very close to the city. It's wonderful.


PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
I visited your site.
your site has full of very beautiful illustration!!
If we have a chance, I want to meet you by all means!!


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