Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Illustration Friday : Small

My company is very small.
The four staff including me is working the design division.
Our work is making an illustration, animation, advertising, a packaging design, and Sculpture (Clay Figure).

Currently Watchword used in my company is "Small but Unlimited"
There is much service which only a small company can do.
Next year our small company is the 10th anniversary.:)

Illustration Friday : Free

It is Christmas in one more month.
What do you make Christmas?
Since I am a non-religion person, originally Christmas is not related.
However, many Japanese make a Christmas party with a sweetheart or a family.
It is only put on the strategy of a toy maker or a confectionary maker.
However, very happy time can be spent.

By Christmas, people who do not have the sweetheart called SINGLEBELL on the other hand are in a great hurry, and will look for a sweetheart.
As for this time, also in a male and a woman, a dress becomes colorful.
Human is also an animal too.

Illustration Friday : Strength

I love Hamburger very much!!
Many Japanese will ask for Japanese food,
if long-term traveling abroad is carried out.
However, I will be GOKIGEN (Happy) if there is even a hamburger.
I have seen the dream of a big hamburger repeatedly.
A Japanese hamburger will be because it is too much small.

DrawingDojo : Relax Pose

Is your body soft?

Since my exercise is insufficient,
I am doing the extremely hard body.

In Japan, if vinegar is drunk,
it is said that the body becomes soft.



Moderate exercise obtains an effect.

I know!!

However, it is difficult to continue like a diet.

Monday, November 28, 2005

DrawingDojo : Pink Rose

Although said also before, it began to snow in Sapporo.
Days and months are required about four months until I can stand on soft grass again.

Snow shoveling is serious exercise.
However, the all of the body will scream!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

DrawingDojo : The Girl In The Garden

As for Sapporo, it has already snowed.
I dislike this winter season.
It is because it gets wet in the snow with which trousers always became wet.

Colored leaves were beautiful seasons just several weeks ago.
The bicycle and motorcycle were kept in the garage today.
These can be used only half a year...

DrawingDojo : Pink Dress

Is there any sofa in your room?

My room is very narrow.
Therefore, there is no space which puts a sofa on this room.

I want to live in the big room some day.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

DrawingDojo : Feel the Wind

The damage by the wind occurred one after another this year.
I pray that people who encountered disaster can lead the usual life immediatly.
A too large wind inflicts disaster on people. However, a breeze gives peacefulness to peoples.

I pray that people in the world can receive a peaceful wind.

DrawingDojo : In a Garage

Do you have your room?
I do not have my room.

My room was a garage when I was still single.
My favorite motorbike and favorite skateboard, radio control, a tool, etc. were put on the space.

If I can have a room, I will want to make at a garage like old times.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Illustration Friday : Night

Sapporo in which I live is north latitude 43 degrees.
Therefore, it becomes dark at 4:30 p.m.
Night feels it very long.

When I was a child, I was not able to sleep in the dark room.
Probably, I drew the full moon with the yellow crayon every day,
in order to make a night sky bright, if there was a ladder which reaches the moon.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

DrawingDojo : I love SPK

SPK is the abbreviated name of the airport of my town.
There is a catchphrase which loves a town also in Sapporo like "I love NYC".

"Suki Desu Sapporo" = "I love Sapporo"

There is also a song of the same title as this catchphrase.
It is very short in the summer of our town.

There is a period which we can swim without a wet suit into the sea only for 1 or two months.
The half for one year is covered with snow.
However, it is very beautiful and is the town filled to the art.

If you come to Sapporo, I will show Sapporo!

DrawingDojo : Sweater

Do you know "the white insect which is small and flies like snow"?
On a day before around 2 weeks when it snows in Sapporo, we can watch this "the white insect which is small and flies like snow" a lot.

We call this insect "Yuki-Mushi".
When they wake up, winter comes over.

Much Yuki-Mushi came today.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Illustration Friday : Broken

How many TV do you have?
When I was a child, TV was the diffusion rate of one set at the family.
However, the present age is the diffusion rate of 3 or 4 TV per one person.
The increase in the diffusion rate is also an increase in waste.

TV broadcast of Japan will become a new type in 2007.
We are impossible to watch TV program by old type TV!.
Therefore, we have to buy TV corresponding to a new type.
Cut-rate TV sold today will become just a heavy discard in 2007.

"Disposable TV."
We call to these old type TV.

Whose request?


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