Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Illustration Friday : Small

My company is very small.
The four staff including me is working the design division.
Our work is making an illustration, animation, advertising, a packaging design, and Sculpture (Clay Figure).

Currently Watchword used in my company is "Small but Unlimited"
There is much service which only a small company can do.
Next year our small company is the 10th anniversary.:)


Angel Devil said...

I like this one! It is really very sweet and makes me happy to look at. I think your work ir really nice.

Duncan said...

Beautiful Work, really great composition and one groovie background. Love your website, I could spend ages looking around, but I have to get back to the grindstone.

Anonymous said...

This looks great - and I love giraffes!

Doug said...

I like this... especially the dot pattern background

constanthing said...

Very nice and cheery, I like it! Small but unlimited is a great catch phrase too.

Manuela said...

I love giraffe
and I like this one :D with the little girl on it
not so much the background
my eyes were going crazy :P
Maybe are my eyes the Problem :D:D:D


leif said...

This is your best piece yet Painty - and I too love the dots! Thanx for visiting my blog!

bonojerry said...

I love your work....found you by tracking back from your positive comment about my work...thank you....

Holly said...

Great illustration. Looks like a great place to rest. Cheers!

creative kismet said...

I love the giraffes beautiful whimsical colors and the cute -small- girl. Great job!

Majane said...

I like your concept and style. Nice work.

Toni said...

I love the expression on the giraffe and how he is looking over you.

Alina Chau said...

OOOOHHH!! Soooo pretty!! Love the giraffe!!

PaintMonster said...

Angel Devil
Thank you very much!!!
Your work is a work in which soul is given very much.

Thank you very much for your beautiful comment!

Thank you very much!!
Yes, I also love to giraffes too!!

Thank you very much!
I like classic printing

wow Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much!
hahaha Please watch my take when you are not getting drunk.

Thank you very much

© bonojerry
Thank you very much too.
I like your idea!!

Thank you very much!
Yes, That place is best for nap.

creative kismet
Thank you very much!!
wow sweet comment!!

Thank you very much!

Toni Kelly
Thank you very much!!
when I draw this illustration I drew many sketches..hehhee

Alina Chau
Thank you very much!
I saw your wonderful sketches!
really beautiful!!

ValGalArt said...

I love this!

Jules said...

Sweet - love the spots.

Michelle said...

Fantastic, this is a wonderful illustration.

ellia said...

oh your story is HILARIOUS!! and your illo is sooooooo cute! does your biz get alot of work?! it should cuz your stuff is great! good luck!

john said...

Hey Marty, great illustration! i like the way the giraffe turns his head, it creates a nice composition and the moire effect in the background is super cool.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you verrry much!!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!
wow I am glad!

Thank you very much!!
now my office is working jum.
(I have many back order!)
I am working always enjoying myself.

wow super sweet comment!
Thank you very much John!!

Fancy World said...

So funny and i like your humor very much. Great!

carla said...

This is really sweet/\. I especially like the way the giraffe's head and neck turn...it's very gracefully done.

Isa said...

Very very original!! jejeje lovely giraffe :)

PaintMonster said...

Fancy World
Thank you very much for your kindness comment!

Thank you very much.
I like animals.
The most favorite kind also in it is giraffes. :)

Thank you very much!!

Dee said...

I love the design on the giraffe! He's so fun, and the girl is darling.

oinker said...

I love your sweet giraffes!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!
I like giraffes and flower textures :)

Thank you very much Tama-san.
I love your arts very much!!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Lovely. You have a wonderful blog. Love your illustration style. You are in my list.

Goobeetsablog said...

I just found your blog!

Awesome Marty.
Very Colorful piece.

Do you mind if I add your name to my
sad little blog?


LDahl said...

Your blog is really interesting to read! I love the blue color of this giraffe! A huge hamburger to you!! :)

St John Street said...

the colours are awesome

winterdoll said...

happy 10th anniversary to your company! =)

PaintMonster said...

Christine Lim-Simpson
Thank you very much!!
wow I'm In!! YAY

Thank you brian!!
Sure!! I am glad , when you added my blog URL to your list!!

Thank you very much!!
hahaha did you saw my big burger illos?! hahaha thanks again!!

St John Street
Thank you very much!!
I like coloring work very much!!

Wow Thank you very much!!

Giles said...

I love this piece! What a wonderful character and bold design.

Congratulations on your successful company. Your work is great so it's excellent that you are doing well. I wish you all the best.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
when I back from US journey, I'll update my journey sketches!


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