Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Illustration Friday : Night

Sapporo in which I live is north latitude 43 degrees.
Therefore, it becomes dark at 4:30 p.m.
Night feels it very long.

When I was a child, I was not able to sleep in the dark room.
Probably, I drew the full moon with the yellow crayon every day,
in order to make a night sky bright, if there was a ladder which reaches the moon.


Linda said...

What a wonderful thought. Lovely illo.

carla said...

That's such a neat idea, Marty! I love the way the moon is being drawn onto the sky, and I really like the clouds! Really nice illo:>

Caroline said...

I love your image of the moon being repainted!

Mustashrik said...

thats a beautiful sentiment of childhood ways. love the simple clean style ;)

Maria Antunes said...

Very nice illustration. I love the idea. :-)

2thbursh said...

I also love the idea. When I was young I couldn't sleep in the dark too! :( I bet I wldn't even dare to draw a moon in the dark. haha

Holly said...

Lovely idea and lovely illo. It is such a wonderful touch that you are painting the moon bright. I think this would make be a wonderful story book. My 3 year old love this image very much. Cheers!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Great concept. Love the illo.

hollyhatam said...

Your journal entry would make a good story for a children's book!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!

Oh Thank you!!
haha I like drawing the clouds which whirled.

Thank you very much.
Do you like crayon?
I like crayon!!

Thank you very much!!
I am super glad!!

Maria Antunes
Thank you!!
I love drawing!!

Thank you very much.
hahaha really!

Thank you very much for your super beautiful comments!!

Thank you very much!!

oinker said...

This is so pretty!

Niko said...

Ohhhh it's so cute ¡¡¡


garth bruner said...

Beautiful illustration! Your style is always fresh!

Elisa Chavarri said...

Hi Marty! This is great, what a sweet idea :) Thanks for visiting my blog as well. I miss the drawing dojo, I've been busy lately :(, but hopefully I can participate again soon!

F L E E said...

i like your characters, they seem so carefree...
See you at the next Illustration Friday
Sapporo is a very nice place. :-}

Anonymous said...

Nice idea! I like how the moon looks like it is really drawn with crayon!

pussy said...

this is a wonderful illustration. i'm captivated by the idea of you drawing the moon at night.

beautiful sentiment.

the reluctant blogger said...

Great illustration! I love the coloring, and the concept is very charming.

Toni said...

there is something about this illustration that makes me wish I was a kid again painting on the doors and windows.
i love it and thanks for bringing back memories for me

PaintMonster said...

Thank you for your comming!
I like your art very much!!

Thank you very much!!
I love your cuty works very much!!

Thank you very much.
The paper actually drawn with the crayon was traced.

Funny Farmer
Thank you very much.
I also like your arts !!

Elisa Chavarri
Hi Elisa, Thank you for your kindness word!! when you got a time. please retake to the dojo

Thank you very much!!
Yes, see you next friday!!
oh tomorrow!!

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.
wow super beautiful comment!!

the reluctant blogger
Thank you very much!!
waao I am the gladdest because you said "charming"!!

Toni Kelly
Thank you for sweet comment.
wow I think you have many sweet memory!!

Bea said...

This is a beautiful illo, Marty! When I´m out and about in the night, I always feel like the full moon is protecting me from all harm... I´m a hopeless romantic ;-)

angeillo said...

That's a cool idea, painting the moon yellow to make it brighter... I like your concept and your image too. Nice work!

Leezy said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog. Another great entry this week - well done!

Alina Chau said...

Sooo lovely illo! V imaginative!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much for funny talk to me! hahah
I also love your arts too!!

Thank you very much.
When I was child, I always considered for paint to moon or sun... red? white? yellow? gray?....

Thank you very much!
wow sweet comment!!

Alina Chau
Hi Alina, Thank you very much
so, I want talk to you about L.A. I will send a message to you soon.


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