Friday, January 13, 2006


I went to Museum of Latin American Art(MoLAA).
It is really beautiful latin art museum.
And we were very lucky.
It is because the SOTO exhibition was held.
It's also super nice!!

Sculpture is exhibited by the courtyard of this art museum.
The style and color which we do not have were enjoyed.


Capt. Insane said...

hey marty! cool to see all the fun you have over there! my japanese lessons starts tomorrow! ill probably have to do some homework with you some time :D

PaintMonster said...

Capt. Insane
Oh Sounds great!
Okay next time,
please drop your comment by Japanese!!

Jason Rutberg said...

Wow, I love the style you have. I am looking forward to seeing it animated. The animal at looks like a cat or jackal is really cool looking - silhouetted. You seem to be able to appreciate art.

You might also then be able to appreciate this information I have to share with you.

Dr. Mark Taylor, of Atlanta Live Media, is auctioning a 75 piece, 100 year old, family collection of pencil and ink drawings by artist Charles S. Gibson (1892-1973) not to be confused with Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944), who created the Gibson Girl. They are really nice pieces of artwork.

I REALLY wish I could embed the pictures in this post for you. These are all pen & ink drawings and some of the structures are very impressive.

There are also some pretty impressive muscle drawings in this collection - of the face, arms, legs, etc.

So if you are interested, check it out. Who knows, it might inspire you :)


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