Sunday, January 01, 2006

Day5: Hello NYC!!

I moved to New York from Miami. It is cold in New York truly!

The first day met Mr. Norn ( ) of a friend and go to the TOY shop.


Gerald said...

It's like I was on the trip with you....I love your series of NYC sketches. Did you like Kid Robot. We have one in San Francisco. Cool little store.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
Oh yes, I just found Kidrobot SF by Yahoo!Map.
It is verry close to my lodging!!
I will go to this store today!!

Nomad said...

Regarding your piece "Hello New York".

I'm creating a reoccuring publication called Mindmeld Project. It will be available online as a downloadable pdf and as a physical book. (For more information see its blog For our first issue the theme is "Hello".

I would like to use your "Hello New York" as a piece of art within the book. I would be happy to reference your page and url within the publication and when I feature the art with your page on the blog.

We won't be making any money off of this as it is a community project built to represent the variety of voices found on the internet. It is my attempt to make the intangible internet experience of its users
into a tangible one, while at the same time showcasing the talent for organization, writing, community and images.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if you have any questions or if the use of your art is acceptable by e-mailing me at

If using your picture within our publication is acceptable, please e-mail a high res (300 dpi) copy to that e-mail address. If you have any other art or writing you would like to submit that fits the theme "Hello", please feel free to e-mail that as well.

Thank you,
Creator of Mindmeld Project

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much for your offer.
I am still trip in US now.
when I got a time, I will try.


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