Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day12: PIXAR Animation Studios

I went to PIXAR Animation Studio to meet Mr.Enrico!
I was very surprised, because this studio is super big!!

In the building of PIXAR, creators are moving with the kick scooter.
Cafe, an arcade game, table tennis, a movie theater, a preview room, a kitchen, a sport gym, a soccer stadium, a tennis court, a pool, etc. are environment like Heaven for a creator.
I know Mr. Enrico is busy man. but he spared time for me.
Thank you very much Enrico san!!


ellia said...

that is completely awesome that you went to the studio!!!! wow!!!!!! i bet that was a wonderful visit!!!! geez, aint nothing here in milwaukee... and no money to travel- haha

Gerald said...

Nice.....I see you kept your Bart ticket as a bookmark ^_^


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