Saturday, February 18, 2006

WWDS the day!!

Hi Folks,
Sapporo Area WWDS was finished!!!

7 members came to this session today!!
and an on-line member's work will be updated after this.

This drawing session is the plan
"an illustration will be drawn or conversation will be enjoyed while drinking coffee."
It started at 4:00PM and we were very enjoyed this session. closed time was 10:30PM.

These are my session sketches....

If you want to see other members sketches, please click this link!

And You can also update to follow link.
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on PaintMonsterBoard.
or If you have a ID of Drawing Board, please look at this link...
World Wide Drawing Session (WWDS) on DrawingBoard.

I am waiting your wonderful happy drawing!!


Gerald said...

Website looks great! I love the splash page of choosing either English or Japanese ^_^

PaintMonster said...

hahaha Thank you very much.
Oh yes If you like it,
please send me your address by Email.
I will send a my calendar for you!!


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