Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ICC Festival

"ICC Festival" was held in ICC of an art support institution of Sapporo.
This event is one of the art events that a city sponsors.
An art group of 30-40 participated.

I exhibited "PaintMonster SculptureFactory"
which was my atelier brand for this event.
I installed a small presentation booth by this exhibition.

Left: MILK / Right: Decker

Left: StrawberrySun / Right: Become a Dancer

Custom Base Sculpture "PAT

I edited my cartoon film and stop motion to a movie of
approximately 3 minutes and did the screening with a PC.

Several character designers did talk show as a guest.
They showed not only a talk of merely design
but also "a method to succeed as character business".
It was a splendid event studied very much.


Teri said...

Congratulations, and nice cigar box! I have two that belonged to my grandfather. I keep his old kotachromes in them. I have purchased a light box and will some day look at all of them. The first time I peeked, I found baby pictures of me!!!

Teri said...

Hey, it was fun to see your girlz in 3-D!

Teri said...

I am your big fan in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Purple Woman

PaintMonster said...

Wow Thank you very much!!
hahaha cigar box!
Yes, I quit smoke last spring,
but I have 4 or 5 cigar boxes.
Did you look at my sculpture for the first time?
when you like my sculptures, I am very glad!

Gerald said...

Just fantastic Marty!!! You're so talented my friend.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!
you too!

Robotna said...

These are great, Marty! I have been wanting to start sculpting again. It has been several years since I sculpted anything. I will watch the progress of your "Baton Twirler" sculpture with great interest.

Robotna said...



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