Thursday, September 21, 2006

Recycling sketchbook

I lecture on the storyboard at the art school every day.
The paper such as a large amount of Kent papers is used there every day.
The paper etc. of each classroom that fail in the printout are
collected, and the abolition paper collection industry collects once
every several months and it is recycled.

This school is an art school.
Therefore, a wonderful pattern and the pattern can be found from the
paper that became unnecessary.

Then, I decided to make the recycling sketchbook by using paper (Kent paper) by which these unnecessarily became it.

First of all extra paper cement (paste for the design) and dirt are removed.
However, the one with interesting shape is not taken.

Paper is cut in the A4 size (normal size of Japan).
and this paper bent to half size.

I prepared 20 sheets of paper bent to two.

The back of 20 bent sheets of paper is firmly bonded with the glue.
The bonding side is evened up as much as possible.

After it had bonded, The page of the book was completed.
It is more interesting that the pattern and graphic have mixed.

I made the test (prototype) several times.
As a result, when "Thick paper" is used for the cover, finish is beautiful.
Then, four Kent papers decided to be sticked together.

The paste of starch is matched to the bond for woodwork.
Water is added to the paste, and it makes it become the viscosity like the shampoo.
The paste is politely painted with the brush.

When the page is added to the cover, it is a completion.
I made the cover of various designs.

Have a fun :)


Alina Chau said...

Woooo ... Marty, this is a brilliant idea!! Creative and Earth friendly. :)

Anonymous said...

ooo, I'm going to have to try.

xiaohei said...

So cute! But, will the paper fall off easily? Still, I really love them coz they're irresistably cute! :D

Bobby Chiu said...

Wow... looks like some great messy fun! Great post Marty!!

PaintMonster said...

Alina Chau
Thank you very much.
There is word "Mottainai" in Japanese. The meaning is "It is too good. "
I think that the creator should positively work on recycling.:)

Bella Dae
Thank you very much.
The interest in recyclings of young people in Japan are low.
How in foreign countries?

Thank you for reply.
Paper unites strongly by HotGlue.
Please try.:)

Bobby Chiu
Wow bobby hiiii!
Thank you for finding me!!
It might be also interesting to make my work collection(sketchbook)by recycled paper.

Anonymous said...

Where I am in the United States, there isn't much interest. Mostly because we have to pay to recycle. If it was free it would be better. And no one is really interested.

ruby_sapphire said...


Goobeetsablog said...


I use to get all the leftover
matte board when I worked as picture framer-

so I can really appreciate this.
nice books


PaintMonster said...

Bella Dae
Thank you for quickly response!
I presented this recycling sketchbook that I had made to several friends.
They were very pleased.
I am glad of having made the friend pleased by recycling.

Thank you very much Brian
I will make the recycling book again at the end of the year.

chacha said...

very awesome ecofriendly idea! no better way than to recycle and make something even better than before. they are beautiful!!

PeterPen said...

Thank you for sharing, Marty!

I never thought about the HotGlue - great!
But what about that "starch and woodwork"-part? what kind of stark is it: bookbinding-glue-starch? those tend to weaken the paper and made mine kind of wavy ...
thanks, Thorsten (@SC: Peter Pen)

Anonymous said...

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