Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snow Festival Official Poster!!!

Hi Folks,
It's super big news to me!
My sculpture works were adopted for the visual of the official poster of the snow


Art Director : Kusabiraki (Shinrinsha)
Designer : Akiyo Adachi (Shinrinsha)
Charctor Design : Marty M. Ito (PaintMonster ArtStudio)
Sculptures : Marty M. Ito (PaintMonster ArtStudio)
Patisserie : Yukie Nosaki (Nosaki-Ya)
Photographer : Eri Ishida (St. Pront)
Ad Agency : HKI Axis
Client : Executive Committee of Sapporo Snow Festival
Official Website of Sapporo Snow Featival
(This site is being prepared now. Probably, it will be updated this autumn. )

and these are idea drawings...
at first, I drew cute snowman.

these are idea drawing of girl.

these are idea drawing of boy.

this is test drawing of color image .

and here is final drawing of idea check.

these are finished work of my sculptures.
a) All Stars

b) Snowman

c) Girl

c) Boy

c) Sled

have afun:)


Lotta B said...

Congrats! Nice work as always, Marty! (^ _ ^)

PaintMonster said...

Lotta B
Thank you very much!!!
this snow festival is very populer event in my country.
Therefore, it was not thought that my work was adopted.
Perhaps, the planning committee on this festival will sell a genuine cake of this

jacks said...

lovely stuff

Kelly Medina said...

Wow! Congratulations! I love the sculpture.. wonderful work!

I also like that you shared your rough sketches, always inspiring to see your work.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!

Kelly Medina
Thank you!
I like Drawing and Sculpture works very much.

Anonymous said...

it looks like lots of work went
into this project.


The Speakerdogs look great!
I'm so glad you made some- I can't
wait to see them in Series 6 this summer.

I'll definitely be adding them to my shelves soon:)

Alina Chau said...

These are wonderful !! WOW!! U R awesome!

AlohaNB フロリダの風 said...


PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
yeah, I am very glad!!
and about speakerdog.
hehehe, mexico is delaying now.
probably, season 6 will be delayed, too.

Alina Chau
Thank you very much!!
I will bring the copy to you.

AlohaNB フロリダの風

JP said...

These are gorgeous. Love the energy and art direction. Congratulations!

Zari said...

congratulation! you deserve it! ...the poster looks great and the characters are awesome! excellent work!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!!
I am glad that you like my take!!

Thank you very much.
hehehe it's snow world on the cake!
Have you seen the snow world of the reality?

Jay D Smith said...


PaintMonster said...

Jay D Smith
Thank you very much!!!!!

n69n said...


so well done!!!!

Dee @_@ said...

Amzing work marty! I love your sculpts soo much!! :D YEY!

Breadwig said...

This poster is amazing. The way you translate your 2d work into 3d sculptures is brilliant. Your sculptures keep all the awesome character of your 2d drawings. That is extremely difficult. Wonderful!


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