Wednesday, July 19, 2006

DoodleTrip Day01

Day 01: 19/July/2006 SDCC Pre-Open (Preview day)

At last I can enter an exhibition hall of SDCC.
TheMonkeyKing(Ed) of a friend of LA did professional registration,
I was able to enter an exhibition hall very smoothly.

Thank you very much TheMonkeyKing!!

There is distance of around 1.3Mile(2km) from a hotel to an exhibition hall.
There are a lot of flaps or banners of SDCC on the way.
I like a flap of Will Eisner in that.
Wooooooo Hoooooo ALMOST!!!!

An exhibition hall of SDCC is very large.
It is size of x3 of Japanese "Makuhari Messe".
As for me, my work is production with a sculpture.
Therefore I watch many sculptures.

I love ErectricTiki very much. but they don't have own booth this time.
they has only small Glass box !!...ummmm WHY?
And I was able to meet GaryHam of the wish. WooooHoooooo!

I did people watch with Drawing Board members.
SDCC exhibition hall is very huge! Therefore my both legs had pain!
My friend is a smoker.
Therefore break time was always outside of exhibit hall.

I bought too much books today!!
Probably I must buy EXTRA BAG!!


Gerald said...

Glad you had a safe trip back home. Was Comic-Con crazy or what? Maybe next year for me. Those are great sketches and photos.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much.
Yes, Comic-Con was super wonderful event!!
I enjoyed it very much.
I will continue reporting DoodleTrip.


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