Monday, July 31, 2006

DoodleTrip Day13

Day 13: 31/July/2006 LAX to Sapporo Japan

My short American trip was over.
I got up in 6:30am and went to LAX Airport by a share van at 8:00am.
There are few people in a weekday airport.
When I came to LAX, for flight hours of 9 hours,
I need flight hours in 10hours and half because there is influence of a current of air when I return to Japan.
It is one hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo to Sapporo.
It took 13 hours from LAX to home!!

and these are MY COLLECTION of this tour!!

--Paige Pooler (Gift)

--John Loter (Exchange)

--Kevin Dart (Bought)

--Francesco Francavilla (Gift)

--Paul Davies (Gift)

--Alina Chau (Gift)

In addition, really many people gave a gift to me.
Thank you very much!!!

These books which I purchase or exchanged with my sketchbook.

and these are my sketches of the today

My report of an American trip is finished today.
I was able to enjoy a trip to the full by cooperation of many people really happily this time.


Fulton Beal said...

Wow, look at all the great stuff you got! I'm somewhat jealous, I'd love to go one of these years. Ah well, maybe someday :)

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!
Yes, I want to go to next SDCC too.

Gerald said...

That had to be difficult to sketch in the dark? It really turned out nice Marty.

PaintMonster said...

That's right!!
There is time to darken the room of the airplane.
It's difficult to sketch for the period.
I also did this challenge for the first time.
I think that it can have done an interesting sketch for a moment:)

Goobeetsablog said...

looks ike a great trip
no doubt the comic-con.

your sketches are funny

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! Marty love your sketches!! U get a great collection from your visit to CA!! Glad you have a good time here!!

PaintMonster said...

Alina Chau
Hi Alina,
Hahahaha Yes, I bought toooo much books!! therefore I bought extra bag too!!

Celia said...

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