Thursday, July 27, 2006

DoodleTrip Day09

Day 09: 27/July/2006 LosAngeles - LACMA / Weekly Sketchbook Session

I got up early a little today and at first went to Bank Of America.
I have been to an overseas bank sometimes. However, I am always tense.
I changed a currency for the dollar from the yen and deposited it.
This work was the greatest mission of this trip.

I came back from a bank and went to LACMA.
When I visited Los Angeles, an art museum to always visit is LACMA.
Devid Hockney exhibition is exhibiting now.
I like his small sketchbooks!!


I took a subway in the evening and went to StudioCity.
I was going to go to Prescilla's Coffee of Barmank by bus.
However, though I waited for one hour, the bus didn't come.
As a result, I went to Barbank on foot for 40 minutes.


I was able to meet a special guest this time.
Paige Pooler of a concept art designer of WowWowWubbzy.
John Banh of a animater of Family Guy.
Alina Chau of a 3D creator and Her blog is popular very much, and her watercolor is very wonderful, too.
In addition, many great friends gathered.
I want to go to this cafe every week, too.
I enjoyed them and conversation and drawing.

These are my sketch of the day @ LACMA

and it's @ Studio City when I was waiting a bus.....

I did many drawing @ Weekly Sketchbook session.
but I forgot took a foto!! ahhhhhh

I got many drawing for me:)

I will move to Paul Davies home from Ed's home.
Thank you very much Ed!!! I never forget your kindness!!



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