Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hi Folks,
What's up???

I made my collection of doodles "WAO2".
This time, I carry a lot of pages of a color this time and can watch processes from a rough design to a completion work.

I start sale earlier than San Diego Comic-con only in a PaintMonster online shop.

Probably this sketchbook will be sold out in a very short time.
Please purchase it soon.
PaintMonster OnlineShop


john said...

Hey Marty,
I just ordered your book. I enjoyed the 1st one very much and can't wait to see the new one! Your artwork is cool !!!!


PaintMonster said...

Wao! thank you very much!!!
so don't you plan to go to SDCC?
If you also plan to go, I want to meet you!!
anyway Thank you very much,
I will send to you tomorrow, probably you can get it next weekend!

john said...

Yes, I would like to meet you too. I missed you the last time you came to Los Angeles. Hopefully I can find you at comic-con. Will you have a table to sell stuff? I will be there friday and saturday.

C.Bryant said...

Congratulations by blog, I have put Link in Perejilpuntocom next to an image yours.

Greetings :)

PaintMonster said...

Thanks for quickly action!!
Oh I just sent a sketchbook to you!!
and about SDCC, I don't have a table, but I will goto 22/Jul Sketchbook session in SDCC.
and if you need my cellphone#, please send me a private email to me!!

Oh I just saw your link site!
Thank you very much!!

yugen said...

no hablo ingles
pero si hablo con las imagenes


PaintMonster said...

Gracias mucho!!
No puedo hablar español, sino que puedo utilizar el sistema auto de la traducción.
(I can't speak Spanish, but I can use auto translation system.)

Gerald said...

Hope you had a good time at the San Diego Comic Con. How did your latest book do? I'm sure you have tons of photos and sketches of your travels. Did you see Enrico and Ronnie?

john said...

hey marty,

i received the sketchbook, thank you very much. it looks great! i'm sorry i didn't get to meet you at comic-con. i wanted to go to the sketchbook sessions, but we ended up leaving very early on saturday. hope you had a nice trip to san diego.

PaintMonster said...

Hi hello!!
Oh yes, I took many photos and drew many sketches, but I couldn't upadete yet. hope, I will update my travel report soon.

Thank you!!
so, probably we can meet @ weekly sketchbook session in Burbank!!
place:Priscilla's Coffee
I want to meet you very much!!!
and I am staying @ WestHollywood now. please call me!! I'll send my cellphone# to you soon by Email.

john said...

hey marty,

i will come to sketchbook sessions in burbank.
see you there!!!

PaintMonster said...

Hi john
Thank you for meet with me!!
I was very glad to be able to spend me with you and many splecial friends.
I am holding mini-drawing session
@ LACMA tomorrow(Sunday).
If possible, could you meet again?
place:LACMA center coart

see ya!

ken said...

cool blog, nice sketches!

PaintMonster said...

Hi Ken Nice to meet you!
Thank you very much.
I checked your blog too.
You has manymany great stuff!!
I will add my doodler list soon.
Thanks again!!


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