Sunday, July 30, 2006

DoodleTrip Day12

Day 12: 30/July/2006 LosAngeles - DrawingSession@LACMA

I went to LACMA for Mini DrawingSession today.
Four Doodler gathered.

I began with 12:00 and did drawing slowly until about 6:00.
Because I am comfortable, I like a session the outdoors.

These are my sketches of today.

I must go back to my own country tomorrow.
when I back to Japan, I must do diet!!

Friday of 28th was a birthday of Celeste.
(she is Paul Davies's wife)
I went in PEARL of art supplies shop.
I purchased materials to make a sculpture in this shop.

At first it is rough sketch.....

This is the Final design!!

I put a big wire and a thin wire together first and made a framework(bone).
And I stick ClayMagic on the surface and make it.

It was completed at 4:00 of morning.

She was pleased very much. YAY!!



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