Wednesday, July 26, 2006

DoodleTrip Day08

Day 08: 26/July/2006 LosAngeles - BoltCity Studio

I stay in West Hollywood.
I changed two times of buses and went to Alhambra.

There is BoltCityStudio which is comics studio of KazuKibuishi in this town.
When I went to Los Angeles every time, I meet him.
I met him in SDCC, but did a studio visit this time.
When I visited a studio, they were drawing a new comic of the next book.

Oh It's copper!!!

and other's one....

An artist of Flight comics described signatures in my guest book.

and these are my sketch of the day....
I went to ASTRO of hanberger shop

I will goto Weekly Sketchbook session in Barbank!!



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