Sunday, July 23, 2006

DoodleTrip Day06

Day 06: 24/July/2006 LosAngeles - Melrose...

Super hot here today!!
An apartment of Ed which I stay in is neighborhood of Melrose.
Therefore it is very convenient.
Melrose has many low buildings. Therefore there is little shade.
I seemed to suffer from heatstroke when I took a walk!!

I went to DickBlick of art supplies shop.
There are a lot of articles which are not sold in a shop in Japan.
I enjoyed one hour in this shop.
I am going to go to other art supplies shop tomorrow.

Why do you do only character drawing?
Don't you do sketch of scenery on this trip?
I took an E-mail of such a question.
A reason is simple.
It is hot and can't sketch scenery!!!

These are sketch of the day!!
Have a fun!!



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