Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two limited color sketches

Hi Friends,
I sketch something approximately every day.
It will be the busiest period for me throughout the year next month this month.
However, I always bring small Moleskine sketchbook and several pens with me.

What kind of sketch materials do you use?
Have a fum:)


Gerald said...

I like the way your sketches turned out on the moleskin sketchbook. I plan on investing in one...almost filled up my fabriano sketchbook.

For the passed year I've been using a mini watercolor set to fill in my sketches. At the same time experimenting with brush pens. I recently tried this new brush pen with one side black and the other side grey. I like it a lot - very convenient.

Yeah, I tend to bring at least 3 different drawing tools when out and about sketching.

Goobeetsablog said...

are you promising to post a drawing here...every day?

that would be terrific to see, but a lot of work for you.

I tend to scribble on any loose sheet of paper/carboard/envelope that is around- with pencil, ink or paint

I collect the good ones in a binder
for later viewing. Needless to say the binders aren't very full:)


weno said...

i use any pencil or pen i have at hand.

but, i cant't resist buying a lot of other materials that i rarely use. :)

PaintMonster said...

Thank you!
Oh I know Fabriano!!
I saw Enriko's Fabriano sketchbook.
It's seems good for watercolor.

Thank you very much.
I sketch as much as possible every day.
However, it is difficult to update to Blog every day.
I am always carrying the sketchbook of Moleskine.
When I consider to character design and the idea flash, I use clipboard (sketch pad) with copy paper.

Thank you for comment.
Oh it's neat.
When I was young, I drew on the package paper of food etc.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful sketches!! I love this style a lot!!

PaintMonster said...

Alina Chau
Thank you Alina,
I go to work by bicycle in the summer. Therefore I bring only several pens and a mini-sketchbook of Moleskine with me. The limitation-colored sketching came out of such a reason.


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