Saturday, August 12, 2006

@Mister Donut

I went to Mister Donut to eat breakfast with the wife this morning.
We did several hour free drawing after the breakfast.

This is my Apartment:)
Our apartment is in the woods where the large tree grows thick.
I live in the top floor in this apartment. However, the tree is higher.

It is Saturday today.
Moreover, a lot of children have come to this shop
because today is still summer vacation.

I found the woman who had put on T-shirt of HIROMI GO.
HIROMI GO was an entertainer in active Japan in around 1970.
I saw T-shirt with his name for the first time.

Young father who had wheeled a baby carriage forward came.
A very young woman has approached baby carriage.
It was father that it was pleased.

It is a couple who is watching without telling the talk each other.
They might be talking by the telepathy.
Who are they?



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