Friday, July 15, 2005

Cafe Shop

I like Coffee very much.
Especially love Cafe Late (Coffee with Milk non suger) .
in summer season, cold cafe (Ice coffee) is the best!
Even so, Japanese coffee is too expensive.
U.S. small size is middle size of Japan.
And a price is large size!!


hires356 said...

I like your blog very much.
I am an illustrator and photographer too.
At the moment I am a novice so I have to understand how many things I can do etc..
I am italian so I love coffee too.
I suppose that when you say coffee late you want to say caffè latte..
Because latte is milk.. and sometimes the italian names are incorrect in other languages.
Example: cappucchino instead of cappuccino etc.
Sorry for my bad english..

PaintMonster said...

Wowow! welcome da my blog!!
wow I am super glad, because you are my first Itarian friend on the internet!!! wow cool!!
so about Cafe Late ....
hahaha yes you are correct!!
I typed the mistaken spelling.
"Cafe Latte"
I am drinking Espresso almost every morning.
However, I am poor at boiling water. Therefore, if it becomes the temperature which I can drink, the bubble has disappeared.
Thank you for your Drop!!


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