Wednesday, August 31, 2005


August to October are very busy for many jobs.
One of the beginnings of them was completed today.
This work was the work which draws the original of animation and makes a pilot film.

next my job is the executive committee of an art award.
I need to prepare many!!
However, it is also my pleasure simultaneously.
A great work collects from all over the world, and the best work is commended out of it.
Of course, I also participate in this award.
Today is the deadline.
I finished drawing my own work yesterday.

A left illustration is my work for Award.


paige said...

hi paint monster i like your drawings yours and paige poolers doodles are COOL!please visit my site at

Drazen said...

Hey Marty! looks beautiful

Elisa said...

Hi Marty! This looks beautiful, I love how the pine trees go up the skirt. Good luck!

rajesh said...

nice, marty. very nice.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much.
I will update more illustrations.

wow thank you for your comin'
I also visit and see your blog.
these are full of nice illustrations!

Thank you for kindness word!
when started vote of DIDO AWARD,
please vote to me!!

Thank you very much.
I saw your animation test.
these are nice action!!

rajesh said...

glad you like, marty.

your fan,


PaintMonster said...

Thank you for your comment!!
when you got a time, please look at DIDO web site. and please vote to me!

Virginia Valle said...

cool site :D

Jim Thompson said...

Wow, I like all of your whimsical illustrations, but this one affects my heart. Do you sell posters of your work? This piece shows the experience of nature and the outdoors I remember from my youth. Excellent. Art. Thank you.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!

Jim Thompson
Wow sweet comment!!
Thank you very much!!
yes, I have online shop site.
If you got interest in my illustrations, this online shop has 2005 calendar on sall now.
and I will sell this forest girl poster on this christmas!

this artwork was drawn for DIDO AWARD 2005.
VOTE SITE is here!

DEAD LINE IS 17/SEP !!!!!!!!!!


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