Monday, November 27, 2006

Illustration Friday: Invention

Hi Folks,
Have you seen UFO?
I have seen UFO at ten years old.
It's true. maybe...
When I returned to the house,
I said to mother,
"I saw UFO!!".

she said,
"Ahhh's airplane!"

I insisted,
"I absolutely saw UFO!!".

Then, mother said so,
"Oh Kay, you are correct. Because I am a Invader ・・・"


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Goobeetsablog said...

nice story and image.

John Coulter said...

Great story! Excellent work.

Random York said...

Fun, colorful picture and fun story too!

katzdontbark said...

llove your blog, would like to add u to my links. would that be ok?

robertc said...

cute story and beautiful work! I'm glad to have stumbled on your blog.

PaintMonster said...

Wow Thank you very much for your super quickly action!!!
You are the best!!

John Coulter
Thank you very much John!!
I am glad that you like it!

Random York
Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!!
Wow really! Yes Sure Please!!!
I will also add your link to my doodler list on my blog!

Thank you very much!!
I visited your blog.
you have much super cool stuff!!

Katsta said...

hey! thanx for your comments :) Your drawing is awesome! i really like it! it is fresh :)

Alina Chau said...

what a fun little story and charming illo!!

Emila Yusof said...

Fun story and illo! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Love your work, such zany style and energy!

Anonymous said...

Nice work...all of it!!!

Michelle Lana said...

Lovely work! great!!!

Rachelle said...

Love it! :D The story behind it was really cute too.

Fulton Beal said...

:) haha, cute story, and wonderful illo as well! As a kid, I could have sworn I'd seen a UFO several times over the course of a week. I was determined that aliens were invading. Then one day I happened to have it hover above me during daylight. Turned out it was my neighbor's toy helicopter. Still, I can't help but wonder if he was really a 'pod person' trying to throw me off the track. ;)

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Wow, this is really great! Love the richness.

Sherry said...

your kids are adorable

tusen said...

cute and funny :D I really like the characters

Anonymous said...

great style

Anonymous said...

very sweet.

PaintMonster said...

Welcome my blog and
Thank you very much!!

Alina Chau
Thank you Alina!!
Oh please check DIDO board too!!

Emila Yusof
Thank you very much!!
hehe cute avater!!

Thank you very much.
I like your old style illustration very much!!!

studio lolo
Thank you very much!!
Oh I saw your beautiful studio photo!! my studio is.... full of dust!!

Michelle Lana
Thank you Michelle!!!
I am glad that you like my illos!!

Thank you very much
and welcome my blog!!

Fulton Beal
Thank you Cheezy!!!
Oh hahahhaa sweet story!
I want to meet you and your family!!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog
Thank you very much!!
oh you have much style!!!
glad to meet you!!

Thank you very much!!
Oh ic! welcome!!!
Your illustration is full of love!!

Thank you very much
and welcome my blog!!

Thank you very much!!
wow I like your watercolor!!

Thank you very much
I'm glad that you like it!!

paige said...


PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much :)


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