Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Hi Folks,
Happy Holidays!!!

I drew christmas card image for website or E-mail.

and I got idea for real mail.
Doodler including me uses a lot of paper every day.
Then, I decided to make the card by using the garbage paper.

I believe this is my small eco...

If somebody want this postcard.
when you send follow item to me, I will send you.

a. Your REAL name
b. Your REAL address
c. Your E-mail address
d. Your Blog or HomePage URL
e. Impression of work or site.

Mail to :

The winning is not announced.
When the card reached, you were elected.
Have a fun :)


zari - justZHM said...

this is such a great card! i've already sent my email ;)i did a "chicken" tree too but not as cute as this!

have a wonderful xmas and a happy new year!

-thanks alot for the's such an honour ;)

PaintMonster said...

zari - justzhm
Thanks for the comment.
wow I am glad that you like my take!
and please send me your address, I'll send a card to you!!

zari - justZHM said...

woooow thanks! i did send an e-mail, hope you received it! ...thanks sooo much!

btw, i'd like to buy one of the 2008 calendars, but in Lebanon there is no there any other method of payment?

PaintMonster said...

zari - justzhm
Oh yes, I already sent a card to you!!
and about buy calendar,
I'll send a E-mail with buy button to you soon. thanks!!

Gerald said...

I might have requested a post card too late (I just emailed you). Either way, love the new work, the new IF entries and look forward to more wonderful work from you in 2008.


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