Thursday, January 31, 2008

Toon Style...

Hi folks,
how are you?
my town sapporo is still super cold everyday!!!
I dislike winter season!!!!!

where is my car?????
is it casper???
it's just toon!!!

I am planning nu sculpture.
I will start to make this style sculpture this spring.


Gerald said...

Glad to hear you made if back home safely. That's a great should make a character out of that!!!

zime said...

Hi, I found you by Zari. Your work is amazing!!!!
I'll visit again for sure!!

Breadwig said...

Can't wait to see that in 3d!

Zari said...

hello Marty!
I'm so glad to see you back from your trip and posting again! this character is such a cutee, can't wait to see it 3D!

btw, i've not forgot about the calendar...maybe someone can buy it for me, from other country...that could be an option too ;)

"You make my day award" is just for you, waiting on my blog ;) i don't think you post that but i had to give it to your really make my day!

Sistermoon said...

jajajaja, i see a casper, very white and cold!!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you for the comment!
when I was back to home from California,
it became white world!! ahhhhhh!!

Thank you very much!
I am very busy because of the lecture and the colloquium of the art school.
Because this season is a graduation season in Japan.
However, I will announce its new work soon with this Blog.

thank you !
hahahaa yes, I hope so,
however, stll super busy everyday....ummmmm.....

hi zari, thank you for the comment.
and I am sorry for not making a response. oh kay, pleaase send me your postcard to me. when I got it, I will send my calendar to you!

thank you for the comment.
hehehee yes, I can see casper everyday!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


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