Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sketch Crawl #18

Hi everybody!!
Sapporo SC was done.

today was bad weather here!
SNOW!! super COLD!!
then, we did move to Subway station of underground.

This is Mister Donut also that is the meeting spot.
Today is not good weather, but 3 member came today!

Here is a meeting place at the subway Odori station.
This place is the best place to sketch people.
Because waiting people do not move for about three minutes. hahaha

We stayed in one place.
Because the model changes places at intervals of about three minutes.
Therefore, we did not have to reshuffle it.

these sketches are SC at subway station.

after SC, we hold Drawing Session at my studio.

These are my take of Drawing Session!

Have a Fun :)



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