Monday, December 08, 2008

DIDO25 Fictional Advertising Poster Exhibition

Hi Folks, I'm alive!

DIDO (Doodler and Illustrator Discovery Organization) of My Organization hold nu exhibition today!
it's "DIDO25 Fictional Advertising Poster Exhibition"

illustration and design : Marina Abe.

the exhibit hall is ODORI ART MUSEUM of histricul place of Sapporo.

This is our exhibition area. I made the logo of DIDO and the character of the event title.

This exhibition has aimed to make the advertisement of fictitious that uses the
illustration drawn for myself.
I exhibited nine works.

These are ads poster of COFFEE SHOP "MODERN COFFEE". I made Series posters.
"This shop is a historicul and populer coffee Shop in Sapporo since 1968."

Left: Frame Shop "ADS board of Art Salon Masuzawa"
Right: Doggie Food shop "ADS panel of Pizza Dog" the Pizza for Doggies only!

Left: Hamburger shop "ADS poster of Hamburgirl" Low calory organic burger shop!
2nd Left: Stund Up Comedy "Stage information(schedule) poster of Magicul Hat"
2nd Right and Right: Magazine "LOVE TOY CAMERA of Magazaine ADS"

and this time, we got special guest art work from United State!

Denise Chavez (Deep sea Crunchies Cereal)

Bryan Ballinger (Jungleland Vacations / Night of the Pantelope / Udder Puffs)

Thank you very much both big friend!!!

Of course in addition, a lot of works of the DIDO member were exhibited.
here is more fotos of this exhibition...


Breadwig said...

I'm honored to be in the show! It looks soooooooo great!

Dee @_@ said...

Hey Marty-Thank you! Happy to be apart of a great show! The pictures look amazing! YEY! =)

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much both special my friends!
I added nu photos on the album today! check it out!

Alina Chau said...

Thank you Marty to have me in the show!! It looks GREAT!! I am sure it will be a very successful event!!

Sistermoon said...

I like all your posts!!! your art is great!! it´s fantastic, congratulations!!!


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